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  1. I just don't want to be talked down to, told off, or looked at as if i'm total ****



    and then to get told lies all the time, that these courses will help. I might of believed it the first time, but I've lost count now of the number of pointless courses I've done and none has made any difference

  2. So I went to the jobcentre the other day and my advisor said I heard you walked out of Seetec.

    I told her what happened, but she has still re-referred me back there, even after me saying I don't want to see him, the way he reacted is not normal.

    She said it has helped lots of people find jobs and I'm being too negative not wanting to go and nobody else has had a problem with this bloke, just me.



    I now have a appointment with Seetec on Tuesday, which I really don't think i'm going to be able to go to.



    Funny how every course I've been put on is classed as a great thing that will get me a job. I did MWA last year and was told I had a 90% more chance of getting a job because of it. Sick of hearing the same things all the time.



    I don't want to do this CWP for 6 months, I think its a disgusting thing to make unemployed people do this

    I see people on community service all the time near where I live, minibuses turning up with community payback written on them. They seem do be doing the empty flats up

    and it makes me think I've not broken the law but I'm getting punished for being unemployed.

  3. I had my Seetec appointment the other day (which I was re referred to), and they said they'd have to get me to fill everything out again as it starts from the beginning



    I went in a room with a bloke who started putting my details into the computer asking when I'd last worked etc



    Then he gave me an information booklet with a page that tears out for me to sign which they keep. Last time this had contact past and future employers on it etc and I did sign it, only to get worried about what information they could actually see



    So this time I asked what am I actually signing here, is this a data protection waiver



    To which he replied nasty 'what are you on about, don't sign it and you'll be sanctioned'

    To which I replied 'I only asked you what is it I'm signing, and all you say is you have to or you'll be sanctioned'

    He then says 'I never said you'd be sanctioned, I said you'd have a sanction doubt'

    Really I say for not signing something



    So after him getting like that over me asking a simple question made me think what the hell is going on and I refused to sign



    He then told me to leave



    I can't believe a grown man would behave like that, spitting his dummy out because I dared to ask what am I signing, when all that was needed was a explanation not just to say you have to or its a sanction

    If they have to ask me to sign something, then it must be up to me whether to sign it or not - how can you get done for that



    The more I'm thinking of it, the more I'm shocked at his behaviour, all over a simple question. He made me feel uncomfortable the way he reacted, it just seems a bit weird

  4. I was put onto community work placement with Seetec.



    At my first meeting I signed a data protection sheet which I was told is just for jobs and the jobcentre, but after looking round various sites its got me worried. Does this mean seetec can now look at anything to do with me inc my medical records etc



    I had one job search day there and then I was ill and filled in a sick form for the 14 days, I thought I'd just be back at seetec on my next job search day, but after going the jobcentre I was re referred to seetec for CWP



    So does this mean I'm starting from the beginning again and will I have to sign another data protection letter or will they just use my old one and is there anyway I can take permission back so they can't look at any info regarding me?

  5. Hi



    I am on jobseekers allowance at the moment, but would really like to get of it



    If I was to find a part time job or even a job one day a week or do Avon or something would I be able to sign of jobseekers allowance but still get housing benefit or would I now be put on universal credit and still have to go the jobcentre



    I am in Warrington and they do have universal credit in this area if that makes a difference

  6. Hi



    I really need some help with what's happening with the jobcentre. Every time I go in there its awful and I dread it and always think what next



    So now I have been put on community work placement for 26 to 30 weeks!



    I finished the work programme in June 2013 so was put on post work programme when I went back to the jobcentre.

    In February I did mandatory work activity for 4 weeks.

    I was left alone for about a month then put on daily signing for 13 weeks, when I said to my advisor I thought this only applied to people who finished the work programme after April 2014 she said it applies to everyone now.

    Finished that and then about 2 weeks later I was put on a retail course.

    Just finished that and the first appointment I had at the jobcentre she says she's putting me CWP



    Can she do this? Fist I thought she couldn't because I finished the work programme before April and after reading what I can it seems you get placed on either daily signings or CWP not both



    If anyone could give me any information that would be great




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