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  1. I just don't want to be talked down to, told off, or looked at as if i'm total **** and then to get told lies all the time, that these courses will help. I might of believed it the first time, but I've lost count now of the number of pointless courses I've done and none has made any difference
  2. Oh and she also said, me not wanting to do this, makes her think I don't really want a job, and I have got used to being on benefits
  3. So I went to the jobcentre the other day and my advisor said I heard you walked out of Seetec. I told her what happened, but she has still re-referred me back there, even after me saying I don't want to see him, the way he reacted is not normal. She said it has helped lots of people find jobs and I'm being too negative not wanting to go and nobody else has had a problem with this bloke, just me. I now have a appointment with Seetec on Tuesday, which I really don't think i'm going to be able to go to. Funny how every course I've been put on is classed as a great thing that
  4. I had my Seetec appointment the other day (which I was re referred to), and they said they'd have to get me to fill everything out again as it starts from the beginning I went in a room with a bloke who started putting my details into the computer asking when I'd last worked etc Then he gave me an information booklet with a page that tears out for me to sign which they keep. Last time this had contact past and future employers on it etc and I did sign it, only to get worried about what information they could actually see So this time I asked what am I actually signing h
  5. I was put onto community work placement with Seetec. At my first meeting I signed a data protection sheet which I was told is just for jobs and the jobcentre, but after looking round various sites its got me worried. Does this mean seetec can now look at anything to do with me inc my medical records etc I had one job search day there and then I was ill and filled in a sick form for the 14 days, I thought I'd just be back at seetec on my next job search day, but after going the jobcentre I was re referred to seetec for CWP So does this mean I'm starting from the beginnin
  6. Hi I am on jobseekers allowance at the moment, but would really like to get of it If I was to find a part time job or even a job one day a week or do Avon or something would I be able to sign of jobseekers allowance but still get housing benefit or would I now be put on universal credit and still have to go the jobcentre I am in Warrington and they do have universal credit in this area if that makes a difference
  7. Hi I really need some help with what's happening with the jobcentre. Every time I go in there its awful and I dread it and always think what next So now I have been put on community work placement for 26 to 30 weeks! I finished the work programme in June 2013 so was put on post work programme when I went back to the jobcentre. In February I did mandatory work activity for 4 weeks. I was left alone for about a month then put on daily signing for 13 weeks, when I said to my advisor I thought this only applied to people who finished the work programme after April 2014
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