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  1. thanks - we know we will win the court case but it's very annoying that they will clearly wait until we have issued court proceedings until refunding us. If they had taken any leagal advice thorough the process they know they dont have a leg to stand on, however it will still cost us £600 to do this which we wont get back. We feel they just want us to that so that we spend more money on it so they can claim a victory of sorts.
  2. 23/8 car purchased 26/8 it rained and water poured in the roof 27/8 car returned and rejected in writing. They refused to accept the rejection as claimed the roof was put on incorrectly and it was their legal right to fix it. They tightened 2 internal discs by hand (didn’t fix anything just untighened 2 discs that tightend the removalble roof), sprayed water over the car and claimed there was nothing wrong with it. Told us as it was not fault we could not return it. 30/8 it rained and water poured in the roof 1/9 returned and rejected in writing infrming them we didn’t want it
  3. We have done everything possible to get them to refund our money. We stopped driving the car immediately and returned it to them with a letter telling them we were rejecting it and didnt want a repair. We stated in writing in 2 letters and many emails we did not want a repair. We have done all the letters as required and now about to start court proceedings. What is annoying is that it will cost us £600 to register the claim (which we get back if we win) but we can only claim around 70%-80% of our fees back. So even if we win it will cost us around £800 (as it's over the £10k small claims
  4. Our worst car buying experience ever - horrendous! I cannot underestimate how shocked we were at how Bullitt Cars in North London refused to refund us our money when we rejected a faulty car. We bought a car for over £12,000 and the first time it rained it was clear that the roof was leaking. We returned the car to reject it as is our right under the Sales of Goods Act 1979 as it was not fit for purpose and they refused to refund us our money. They then drove and fixed the car without our permission and attempted to force us to pick the car up by charging us £30 a day storage. The po
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