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  1. Fantastic news!! Lee just confirmed that all charges have been reversed. Thanks again Lee for all your help.
  2. Hi All, Just another update, still as before. Vodafone are reviewing the contested amount and I'm continuing to pay my monthly usage. Lee is chasing it regularly but no progress so far.
  3. Hi All, Just a small update. So far the case is still being reviewed however Lee is keeping me updated regularly. At present the contested data charge is being held off the final bill and I'm paying the rest of the bill as expected. Will keep you posted if anything else happens. Wireman82
  4. Lee has been in touch and said that he has escalated the data charge for further review.
  5. Ok so now Vodafone has lifted the restriction on my account so at least I can use my phone again in eurotraveller zones without remortgaging my house. As soon as the phone detected a Montenegrian network THEN I was sent the costs......I'd like to say "better late than never" but somehow I just don't feel that way..... This came in at 0906 today "Welcome to MONTENEGRO. As you're in our Rest of World Zone it costs £1.65/min to make a call and £1.30/min to receive one. Texts cost 35p + your home rate and picture messages are 45p. Mobile data is £3/MB up to 5MB then £15 for each addition
  6. I use the Vodafone app to monitor my current usage for both my UK allowance and also any out of bundle costs. Unfortunately the data was used in the morning and it took 24hours to show up on their app.
  7. I travel around Europe a lot with work and have been using eurotraveller and my 20GB limit quite comfortably for the last few years, average bill is about £200 so not worth swapping SIM cards with the change in phone numbers and topping up. I've to wait another 27 days apparently before I'll get any kind of answer from Vodafone when the bill is generated.
  8. Hi Lee, I'm still waiting for them to reconnect my phone as well. I'll be leaving Montenegro soon and going to Italy where I'd like to use my eurotraveller again as I still have 12GB left of my UK allowance.
  9. I've spoken to the support people at Vodafone and they have just advised to wait until the bill is generated at the end of the month and then they'll look into it further. As you say, in this day in age of unlimited downloads and super fast internet, a paltry 2GB of data shouldn't cost that amount. Even satellite internet connections don't even come close to that level of extortion.
  10. I thought so as well, if I'd been informed of the charges when I arrived in Montenegro I'd have turned my roaming off. Quite a shock when that came through.
  11. 11477428 I have just been landed with £7800 of unbilled usage for 2GB of data that was used whilst in Montenegro. The boat that I'm on moved from Croatia to Montenegro and I received no notification of the charges for phone/data use whilst in Montenegro so I (wrongly) assumed that I would be using my uk allowance. I've been with Vodafone quite a while and use my phone all the time while working in Europe with no problems exceeding my 20GB uk allowance. Average monthly bills of around £150-200. The phone reps said I should cancel my DD and wait till the end of the month to see whe
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