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  1. Thank you I really appreciate your advice I will contact Phoenix and make arragements for payment and I will let you know how things go.
  2. OK, forget bout my ticket situation, please advise me if the Phoenix Commercial Collections is a serious company and I should call them to make an arragment or ignore it? I have heard about debt collection companies that they are trying to get money without a supporting law.
  3. It says exactly Phoenix Commercial Collections Ltd. I received the ticket in Dec 2014 so I wrote to the tower hamlets asking for cancellation. Since that time I did not get any response till Sep 2015 from Phoenix Commercial Collections Ltd. on behalf of the above client saying I have to pay £482. I did not take any action in Nov 2015 I received second letter saying that I have to pay £512. Oveleaf I have fee schedule with stages you have named but it is only a table, it does not say about 7 days period etc. EDIT: I am confused now, I will check if I got any more letters from them, can you advise me about this company? Is this important to call them back and make an arragments or just ignore it? I have no goods or possesions and this amount is too big for me to pay
  4. thanks for quick response, it was a PENALTY CHARGE of £60 issued by tower hamlets because I had no permission to leave my car, but it was my friends space, I wanted to report it to security but nobody was working that time the next day I have sent them an email asking for cancellation. Since that time I had no response till now, from the Phoenix debt collecion on behalf of tower hamlets, it is almost a year! They want to extract the amount of £512, at least I can pay £60 for the ticket, no more.
  5. Hi everyone, Last year in december 2014 i recieved a parking ticket in london (Tower Hamletts). I was a vistitor in this area staying at my friends for the day so i was told i could leave my car parked in front of the flat in the parking area. When i went to get my car the next morning i had a ticket on the windscreen saying i did not have permission to park in that area. I contacted Tower Hamletts via email and explained i was staying at a friends house that night they replied asking if i spoke to security during my stay about the ticket. I explained i did try to but was unsuccessful both times i went to speak to someone as there was no-one there (first time i was told to come back the next day to speak with security as no-one from security was working that day but there woul be someone there the next day however when i returned the next day again no-one from security was working). After this i received no reply from Tower Hamletts. in september 2015 i received a letter from Phoenix Commercial Collections Ltd claiming they had tried calling my phone and knocking my door however i had no missed calls or anyone knocking the door that day as i had been home all week with someone always at home. I did not take any action and i did not recieve any other letters yesterday giving me a 24 hour notice reading "REMOVAL NOTICE" "I have attended your property to collect the sum outstanding of £xxx.xx (inclusive of fees and costs, on behalf of the above named client) or remove your goods for sale at public auction. If i fail to receive contact to make arrangements for the collection of the above balance, i will return at a time convenient to me. You do not need to be at the property for me to remove your goods To avoid further action, contact me on xxxxxxxxxxx" When this letter came no-one had knocked the door besides the postman. Please advice me on what to do next. Do i need to pay them? I have no goods or job as i am a student.
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