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  1. Nothing to do with why i want a refund (The TV is genuinely faulty) However, i totally agree with you! I was 'Enticed in' with an offer for a new store, i just wish i had done my homework on the company and how they get there 'wicked way'. I think the tv was about £600 (already over inflated!) and the final cost was about £1200, off the top of my head! Ill be buying one in full now!
  2. Sorry i was referring to the sales of goods act as on the CAB website following the research i have done it does state elsewhere about the 6 month period Thank you obiter for the letter template i will keep a copy of it as my next line of defence. Thank you all for the replies so far, i will be quoting the sales of goods act when they call back. Does anybody have advice on the 14 days (Cooling off period) ? Its not that ive changed my mind the goods are genuinely faulty, from what ive read im assuming the 14 days have nothing to do with my situation and as i have notified them within a reasonable time frame as OBITER mentioned i have the right to a full refund ?
  3. Hi, I have a TV from brighthouse (a baird 48") The quality of sound is very poor, there is quite obviously a fault as as soon as you turn it up (Just a little bit) the back of the unit vibrates. The sound is like its playing through a tin can. ive phoned them today and they are coming to collect it, they have offered to repair etc but ive said no and i will sign the cancellation waiver form. Now, I took the contract out 20 days ago so im outside the '14 day cooling off' period to receive a refund. I have quoted the consumer rights act which states that the buyer is entitled to a refund within 6 months. The manager was not very clued up so has said they would phone me back tomorrow after she had done a bit of 'research' So when they phone i just need to know for sure that if the item is faulty i am entitled to a full refund within 6 months regardless of the '14 day period' Many Thanks
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