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  1. your right,its anyone,s guess what will happen .i am not worried about the out come,because we know he is 100% in the wrong. were just abit nervous about going to a court. the solicitor has spoke to us,but its when you come off the telephone you think of all these questions to ask. I realise its in everyones interests to not have it heard in front of a judge,as costs can spiral and the judge can be unpredictable.
  2. do the 2 side not meet before the date?or is it just on the day they talk and try and come to a deal?
  3. the drunk driver insurance paid for the damage to the car quick enough after the crash.you hit the nail on the head there by saying "It sounds like they are arguing the accident couldn't have caused the amount of physical damage to the child."our solicitor says he the medical reports he got from his specialists are fine. Maybe that's whats defendant solicitors do,wait until the court steps until they sort it out.?
  4. Sorry for been unclear. There has been no compensation offered. the other person said they hit the car,but only 2mph. damage to car child was in came to near 3k police were phoned,but did not arrive in time,driver left scene. 2 adults 1 child witnessed this.they were in the car that was hit by the drunk. police took statement from drunk next day,but he said he paniced and left the scene because he got scared! he was never charged with anything. he is been a ass-hole because claim was made against him. I don't understand why any of his actions would not be mensioned in court??
  5. not sure about the liability end of things.he said he hit the car,just not that hard!even though he hit the car causing 3k and staggered out drunk of his car and seen the damage and then fled the scene.i did,nt think he would make a great witness. But I heard the solicitor mension "causation"/ lvi impact.so not sure how liability works here??
  6. I realise the solicitor is preparing for the worst case sanario.I have no problem or the child has no problem saying what happened.the child seen doctors for the solicitor and had follow up reports given the all clear.but what worries me is going over the whole thing and seeing the drunk driver will trigger the problems with the child again.we just want to put it behind us now and move on. I also seen somewere that if the "trial " goes ahead,it is just the parties involved sitting around a table in a side room,not a open court room? Do the other side actually save much money sorting it ou
  7. I am getting nervous,iv never been in a court before! I no 110% the other driver was in the wrong and the damage they caused to the car and the child.i telephoned our solicitor and they said they will hardy question the child,but may be the parent.they said a lot of these cases come down to engineers report.
  8. then if the case listed is only for the child,can they cross examine anyone else? i seen some where that the defence will put the parent in the box and discredit them? do they actually save much by settling the case on the court steps?
  9. What do you mean by the child will not be involved?Is the driver of the car the child was in be questioned or does the judge look over the medical evidence or engineers report first before anything??
  10. That's what I thought and was hoping!!it would be abit rough putting a child through a full blown court case. we hope they sort it out before then.
  11. There is a solicitor involved,but she says there just dragging there heels.no money has been offered.the child was sore for a while after,nothing broke,thank god.the child seen some-one for the nightmares etc,but is back to normal now. do defence solicitors wait until the steps of the court or will they let the case run in court? Does the child give there side of what happened? does the parents give evidence?
  12. sorry folks,for not been clear. The damage for the car was 3k and was paid ok. the court case for the child for his injuries is on in a few weeks. the drunk claimed he hit the other car,but was only a tip. sorry,i just cheesed off there putting a 10 year old through a court case.
  13. the damage is there on the car,the child and other occupents were brought to the gp straight away and any other specialist the gp sent them to.so the judge takes the word of a drunk who fled the scene....
  14. That may whar they so,but I don't think your supposed in the eyes of a judge to crash into a car,get out,look at the damage you caused and then jump back in your car and speed off!!I thought that was leaving the scene of an accident.
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