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  1. Thank you. In you opinion, should I still proceed applying for a review of this decision? And if so, is iit better the £50 or £155 option? I just spoke with the TEC again and they said it's not too late. See beow Thank you for your enquiry Your application to file a Statutory Declaration/Witness Statement out of time was referred to the Court Officer for a decision without a hearing under Part 75.5 (1) of the Civil Procedure Rules. Your application has been refused. The Traffic Enforcement Centre (TEC) is unable to assist with any queries you may have regarding why
  2. My main beef is that I tried to pay TFL £270 back in July and was told I could not pay them and had to appeal instead. I was happy to pay the owed amount. But how could I? I needed the statement with correct company/department/amount Why didn't the TEC pass on the right payment details and amount owed when they rejected my appeal in Augyust? I only found out today that it was Task Enforcement Ltd
  3. I'm wondering if you could possibly offer me any advice, like you have kindly given to many before me. The Task Enforcement came this morning at 7am to tell me that my car had been clamped, and that I could un-clamp it by paying a fee of £535 It all started on 22.07.2015 when I was contacted by my old landlady. She told me I was being chased by Bailiff's for unpaid Congestion Charge Penalty Notice. I realized that DVLA must still have my old address, so I immediately sent off my driving license, and also called the Congestion people. They said that I now owed about £270 from ent
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