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  1. The only relevant contact for restting the 6 year LA 1980 period is the issue of a county court claim which stops the " clock" on the date of issue.
  2. " Watching the Children" rings alarm bells immediately make a complaint to the police formally harassment such as this should not be happening. She must make the point to the police that she fears for herself and the safety of the children and is afraid to leave the house.
  3. Baroness Thatcher I think would have " pressed the button" if the UK was threatened with nuclear weapon blair would have wet himself a buggered of some where out of the way like the creepy traitor/liar that he is and now comrade Corbyn has shown his trued terrorist loving, appeasing ideas and has crawled back under his slimy stone. I would hope that the rest of weird " liberal left" will also vanish up there own arses . It seems fletch70 is so bitter about this country he/ she might like a holiday in Syria.
  4. What does going to a public school have to do with anything I was lucky enough to have a public school education, and I am and always have been a " an ordinary working man"! I 've read some of your hard left daft theories no doubt it seems your incredibly wealthy labour leader comrade corbyn is always playing the part " of an ordinary working man". There is on good point though corbyn has made labour totally unelectable for the foreseeable future. You are very fond of accusing people of being racist/ homophobic if they dare disagree with your weird theories.
  5. An excellent speech!! To say it was xenophobic is crass, if more UK politicians were to take this stand Britain would be far better off. The comments in post #130 is the work of someone seriously out of touch with the real world. The reference to Hitler is offensive as well. Farage seems to me to have " nailed" the state of the EU perfectly.
  6. Funded and equipped by oil rich arab nations which are refusing to take refugees, probably because they don't want fanatics on their doorstep. Have to agree with Coniff the current exodus of young muslim males is an organised invasion of Europe with one fixed target / ambition to have islam and inhumane sharia law imposed on the West. No more "refugees" should be brought to the UK, no more benefits, no more free housing no more mosques, in any terrorist attack on UK soil shoot to kill, no mercy!!
  7. Comrade Corbyn' s completely naive or just plain bloody stupid suggesting that terrorist should not be shot and killed the idea of " containment & negotiation!" in nonsense Islamic fanatics are not going to negotiate I doubt they know what it means this is a " Kill or Be Killed" situation as it must be if Europe is ot going to be overrun with by this plague.
  8. Well said Coniff it seems this Fletch is warped in his out look, with his " communism" he will surely more " invasions " of his privacy and many other things too.
  9. An incredibly clear and correct analysis of the situation it's plain to see the young " men" posing as refugees designer clothes, expensive phones even on group seen with thousands of euros paying a huge amount for a taxi to " freedom". The simple fact is none of the alleged refugees can be trusted Europe must take punitive action otherwise Islam's vow to rule the world will become fact. A reasoned view and made from experience of fighting terrorist.
  10. Only those who have something to hide would oppose this! This Fletch 70? seems to me to have a very bitter an warped view of just about every thing.
  11. Are you sure the " new" default is not just the date Lowell up dated credit files and not a new default at all?
  12. Are you sure that these idiots were not arrested " for real offences" and then because they are just masked cowards refused to give their names? That the way I think it would have happened.
  13. A creditor can sell an account/debt disputed or not and frequently they do so. The fact that a defaulted account is now showing under the name of a Debt Purchaser is correct. 1st Credit inherits the account totally when it purchases the debt, it's not relevant that the debt " did not set this up". If you have queries about the credit file entries or the phrasing of account titles you can complain to the Information Commissioners Office which regulates the CRA's.
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