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  1. It is - similarly to other posters. It appears on my file with a green tick next to every month for the last three years but I’ve never made a single payment. The amount hasn’t changed.
  2. Hi DX100UK, I think you must mean post 64 - yes, I was and still am resident in Scotland. Sorry, I did mean default - the default is presumably when I ought to have first paid but as you will remember they didn’t ask for money until I got in touch on here. My loans date to 2006-8, I was supposed to start paying in 2009 but I finished my studies much later in 2013. I don’t know if it is technically a default if they don’t get in touch for payment. I have not acknowledged the debt verbally or in writing since taking the loans.
  3. Hi all, I'm afraid I missed the 2018 messages - apologies. Has anyone made any progress? I haven't heard a peep for over a year, although I still have a loan on my credit record. I'm waiting until I'm well past the Scottish statute barred period, including the 'payment holiday' written into the loan, before attempting to get it removed from my record. I hope you've managed to do the same.
  4. I knew that Capquest were, but not NCO! Why do they have to write to me each time then? K
  5. Hello there, A month or two after my last post detailing the fact Capquest had started sending letters suddenly, I got a letter from Arrow Global saying that my account was now being administrated by NCO global. For the past three months I've had letters from them - the first mentioned that they were managing the account and noted that I had 'paid recently' - as you know, I have never paid. I've since had statement/payment requests on a monthly basis but no mention of missed payments and no change of balance or interest. Today I got a letter from Arrow Global saying my account had now been passed 'NCO resolve' and suggesting I get in touch with them. This whole situation is baffling. There have been so many different letters and agencies and never any kind of late payment reminder. I predict that you will all tell me to keep ignoring the letters for now! Am I right? Or do I send a 'statute barred' letter to this new organisation? With best wishes, Kate
  6. Okay...what would your educated guess be as to their next moves?
  7. I was only pointing out that a week after it arrived, so did a payment request - and they hadn't sent one of those for a year.
  8. Hi all, After several months of silence after my attempt to get help from the ombudsman, I got an annual statement followed by a payment request out of the blue. The payment request was the same as all the others. I'm just trying to decide on my next move. I could a) ignore and see what they do next, b) pick up on the information commission complaint or c) seek legal advice. What are your thoughts? Option c) is very unlikely but I thought I'd put it out there! K
  9. Hi both! Just a quick message to apologise for my delayed response, I've been occupied with family stuff this last week. Since I referred the case to the financial ombudsman, I haven't heard a peep from them. It's still listed on my credit record with new ticks every month. I am inclined to keep quiet until I am resolutely past any perceived statutory bar period before asking again for removal. I am assuming from their lack of contact that they know they would lose a court case! What do you both think? I'm encouraged that you haven't heard either, loancreditcat. Perhaps they are giving up? I haven't even had a statement. K
  10. Hi all, Well, the Financial Ombudsman are as much use as a chocolate teapot. Capquest's response to them was to repeat the lie that I graduated in 2015 and was due to pay in 2016. They said they had contacted my university who had given them that info. (As discussed, I finished my studies in 2013 but was due to repay this loan in 2009). They also provided the same credit agreement they sent to me - i.e. not my one with no signature and just some general stuff about repayments after graduation. Despite this, the FOS says they can only give with the 'evidence' provided and it would be a matter for the courts to decide!!! What next? I was thinking I should write to Capquest and reiterate that I want them to evidence that the debt is not statute barred and reiterate they have failed to do so. Without a signed credit agreement this situation - particularly the FOS's lack of agency - is surely ludicrous.
  11. Hi all, A wee update. I got a final response from Capquest after the financial ombudsman contacted them. They still deny the account in barred. They made up a fictional graduate date and claimed because it was a student loan it wasn't due until after that fictional date (which they claim they got from the University, which seems highly unlikely!) They also sent me what they say is a copy of the original agreement. No signatures, none of the salient information about projected graduation dates, and sections missing that referred to repayment (when you had to repay, what happened if you dropped out, what happened if you went below half time study etc.) . It's not the same document and just includes some of the bumph about interest rates etc. I've bounced it all back to the ombudsman. Now what do you think? Still nothing at all to evidence I took the loan, and I know I haven't ever communicated with them or any other of the companies that bought and sold it. It's quite unbelievable. It will be interesting to see what happens next.
  12. Hi all, Just a couple of quick updates. I opened a dispute with noddle about the information listed on my credit file. Arrow Global refused to remove the information and wrote that: “This account is a non-defaulted account. The account is not statute barred and will remain on the credit file. The last payment was made on 15.09.2011 for £899.99 Arrow Global works with a number of agencies who manage customer accounts on our behalf. Capquest Debt Recovery Ltd are currently managing this account. For any other enquiries please advise the customer to contact Capquest directly on 0333 999 7201.” As we know, I have never made a payment on this account and nor was I asked for one until last year. The non-default principle is interesting - I only haven't defaulted because I wasn't asked to pay. It should have defaulted in 2009. Before I got this response from Noddle I had already lodged a complaint with the financial ombudsman, giving them background and sending a photograph of the recent demand for payment. I'll update you when I hear from them in the next couple of weeks. I'm really hoping to get this finally finished with. Is this fictitious payment a common trick that agencies use?
  13. Okay. I'll do that. I think they have messed me about enough! The ICO ask if you have had a 'full and final' response before they'll take complaints - I think I'll just say 'yes' to that since they haven't managed to dig out a credit agreement in a year.
  14. Thanks - that was worth checking. It is Arrow Global Ltd. I think they must own the Sallie Mae debts and Capquest are servicing them.
  15. No defaults. All ticks. I'm just looking at Noddle though. They might change that again I suppose. It's been a year since I asked them to provide a copy of the credit agreement and to 'prove it'.
  16. No default! They added it last month, backdated it to 01/11/2006 as when I started paying and have it listed as up to date! The problem is, it should have defaulted in 2009 but they didn't ask me to pay. Presumably that still counts as a default so I could argue they need to remove it as seven years have passed and it was barred in five?
  17. Thanks, both. This is the first time since last year they've asked for money. I'm also unhappy about this appearing on my credit record - it's been added this month. I'm in Scotland so as a statute barred debt it doesn't exist anymore. I will sit tight for now.
  18. I haven't written to them since last year - I'm just concerned because this is a payment request with a slip at the bottom. Do I not need to remind them the account is on hold? I suppose they should know that...
  19. Just a quick update to say I received an annual statement last week and this morning I got a payment demand that says due in September and lists a 'minimum payment due' of £12,599.86?! It lists a balance of 25044.77, and it now lists arrears of £11699.87. I presume they have adjusted the so-called 'arrears' to when I was supposed to pay. I have yet to receive a copy of my credit agreement or any proof that would indicate this account is not statute barred. Te account was on hold until they provided this information. Time for another letter?
  20. I'm afraid to say the 40 day thing has been and gone - in fact, it's been nearly a year since I first sent them letters. I occasionally get a 'holding' letter saying they apologise for the delay and they have contacted the original creditors for the original agreement. If I ever get it, I'll see what they argue. I haven't put in writing that the loan was due to for payment in 2009, and to be honest, I'm wary about writing to them in any way. I do want to make the letters stop and to get this off my credit file though. I'm sure you feel the same! Do let me know how things progress.
  21. Hi Loancreditcat, it is great to hear from someone else in the same situation. What is your take on when the cause of action was? We never defaulted because they never asked!
  22. Thanks. I'll try to be cool! I'd just prefer to tidy this stuff up completely but I'll just wait and see. At best they have seriously mismanaged these loans, but I think the majority of them will be barred.
  23. Yes, I want it in the open too - but it would be useful to compare notes with other Sallie Mae borrowers and hear about their experiences. I think it is statute barred but until they finally produce some documents the account is on hold. I've never paid and never acknowledged. In their eyes I didn't default for that reason, but I think they should have asked for payment in 2009!
  24. Hi DX100uk, I was actually commenting on their threads in the hope the original posters would get in touch so I could make contact with others who had dealt with Sallie Mae - is that against the rules? They won't make much sense on the end of this post but never mind! There is nothing much to report which is why I haven't been in touch. They are presumably trying to find a copy of my original credit agreement from god knows where, and occasionally I get a holding letter to that effect. Unless they provide me with anything or confirm they can't then I'm in limbo, but if they do provide some documentation I will post here immediately so we can discuss the content! I'm increasingly convinced this isn't legal. Surely they should have been in touch asking for payment when it was due in 2009-10, and if I had wanted to defer they would have had to ask me directly.
  25. Hello, many years have passed want to try and talk to others involved in the Sallie Mae lunacy! Did you pay in the end? Who is your debt with these days, if you still have it? I'm just trying to track down people involved in the Sallie Mae mess to find out what you all did in then end. I've recently been pursued for payment, nine years (!) after taking the loan. I think the credit agreements are laughable. I just wanted to know what you all did. Anyone out there? Hi all, just a quick message for those who said they were involved in the Sallie Mae mess. Did you pay? I've only just been contacted last year and by Capquest. I've asked them to provide credit agreement and prove the debt months later, I am still waiting to get anything other than the odd letter saying the account is on hold and they are working on it. I just don't see how this can be legal.
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