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  1. Hi there,


    I’m in a mess with Sallie Mae and Capquest at present. I received a letter from them a few months ago (offering me a 70% discount on repayments) and the amounts ‘due’ on the loan with the ‘interest’ vary immensely (at one point it was £21,000 then dropped to £17,000 and now in the region of £13,000) but I haven’t contacted them in years. I was wondering if you still had a copy of the unsigned agreement that they sent you, especially the parts regarding repayments if your studies didn’t go to plan eg dropped out/deferred/changed course etc? If there was any way I could get a copy of these, that would be fantastic!


    I’ve signed up for a Noodle account (now called Credit Karma) but this doesn’t seem to appear anywhere! I’ve only just done it, however, so I’m not sure if it will show up with time? Any ideas?



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