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  1. Hi.CRS are still calling and texting me.And today I've got this letter.[ATTACH]60470[/ATTACH]
  2. Ok. Today I've got a text message from CRS. And I don't know maybe they called me I'm not answering the phone if I don't know who is calling.
  3. Ok.I will try to send them another letter by post.I read so many posts about harlands and CRS,but still I'm always worried that maybe one day bailiffs will come or I will have to pay 1000 pounds one day or something like that. Everytime when I'm getting a letter I'm thinking about that for a couple of days.
  4. Can someone tell me how that complaint should look?Because I have no idea..And how I have to send it by post or email? Maybe everything will be ok . But I don't want to get these letters every month . Can I try to write to Harlands or CRS via email ?
  5. Harlands is not responding to my letter.It's interesting that both companies have the same address.
  6. 1. I'm not sure.Couple of month's ago.I was there about 5 times,paid for two months and then decided that it's waist of money because I'm not going there. 2. I had Off-Peak Membership - 1 Month Minimum Period £14.99 per month with a £20.00 admin fee. 3. I canceled my direct debit about 1 month ago. 4. My problem is that I didn't tell anyone taht I want to cancel agreement.When I canceled my direct debit I went for a holidays,I came back one week ago and found those letters..I used to go to PureGym and when I canceled my direct debit there they didn't want anything from me.I thought t
  7. Hello.Like many others Harlands is atacking me with those scarry letters too.I don't know what to do..I canceled my direct debit so they can't take any money from me.I was planning to call them and pay,but first I decided to read what others did.So now I'm here and I have a hope that I will save some money.I can pay for them,but I can not understand why I have to pay so much administration fees...Here's the last letter.. [ATTACH=CONFIG]59564[/ATTACH] Can you help me?You are my last hope in this mess.. I didn't had long term contract.I paid monthly.
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