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  1. I am registered self employed and have my UTR and I am receiving working tax credits (have done since 2011) I've been self employed since 2007, this is the first time they've done anything like this. If I had of had some kind of prior warning to keep a record of when I'm 'logged in' to the system etc. I could have done that (If fact I will do that from today) but as it stands at the moment, I don't have what they want. Hence my anxiety about what I'm going to do.
  2. Hiya, Yes it was. Sorry I should have clarified that in the first post.
  3. Hiya Everyone. I am in a pretty complicated situation and I'm very worried about it. I am posting in case anybody has any advice about this sort of thing. I'm self employed and last week I received a letter asking me to prove my self employment. They want all the details from August 13 to November 13th, and they want these details by December 13th. I work several self employed jobs. As an adult phone operator (Have done since 2007) in May this year I opened an etsy shop, and more recently I have started working on another text chat system. Whats making me so nervous is proving my hours worked and income etc. The hours worked on the phone job each week vary from 5 -15 hours weekly. The past few months the hours I've worked have been on the lower end. I have invoices to send them, but the hours 'talk time' shown on them can be very low. I sign into the other text service, but proving hours worked is actually impossible, I have never received any payment from it as I am yet to receive a single text. On etsy. I've only had 8 orders since may (2 refunded). As you can see I am going to have an extremely hard time proving that I've been doing 30 hours and I am so nervous about this that I just don't know what to do. I spoke to them earlier today and the lady told me to 'just go back on the calendar and write down what you think you've done'.........that really doesn't help. I am just wondering if just having the Etsy shop counts? I mean even though I'm not getting that many customers, does having an open shop count towards self employed hours? The same way it would if I had a physical shop that wasn't receiving any customers? I'm pretty stressed about it. I'm worried they are going to say I haven't been doing the hours I should and fine me/stop my tax credits. Or that they'll want me to come in and see them (I'm a very socially anxious person who finds it hard just going to the shop, so I would find it physically impossible to have to do something like that, especially being question etc) So any advice at all would be amazing at the moment, Thank you
  4. Thank you for the advice. They risen the price a lot , so I will probably leave it now. They are usually really good but for some reason they are mucking about with this one.
  5. Hello, I am hoping somebody can give me some advice about an issue I am experiencing with the online store "The Works". On September the 1st I ordered a toy (A remote controlled geotrax toy, costing £4) on September the 2nd I receive an email confirming that the order had been dispatched. Last week it still had not arrived so I email them asking where it had got to, I then received an automatic refund later that same day. I emailed again asking why it had been refunded, I told them that if the parcel had been lost, I'd had preferred a replacement. This is when things get a bit confusing as I started receiving emails from two separate people from the works, one telling me that the parcel had been delivered back to them at store, so that's why the refund had been issued, another one telling me that it had been dispatched and was on it's way still. I asked them to clarify why I had been refunded if it's still on it's way (she told me it hadn't been refunded, but it 100% has been as I can see it on my bank now) This person told me that the parcel had been dispatched with Hermes. I have been onto webchat with Hermes today and they have confirmed for me all the parcels they have had for my address in the past 28 days - one from tesco direct, and another with shoezone.......But nothing from The Works. The person who said it had been redelivered to store, said that she was not at liberty to tell me who it was dispatched with (I know this is incredibly confusing, as the other person who emailed did tell me, I am getting email responses from two people, giving me two different versions) This one also told me that if I wanted to receive the toy, I would need to re-order it. She said replacements were against their policy. So I am very confused about what to do next, should I just leave this or raise the issue with management? I am a bit annoyed that they seem to have lied to me about dispatching it with Hermes, seeing as hermes have no record of it. Sorry it's a bit confusing, I am confused too Thank you for reading.
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