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  1. Hello, This is something I'm losing my sleep over. I've struggling for the last six months with the HMRC to obtain a full and detailed employment history going back to 16 years ago. I need this, because I need to send a request for permanent residency and I've lost some documentation. I first wrote to the HMRC last November and they replied almost immediately but only sending my national insurance contributions record. Then I wrote again in December, pointing out that I needed a breakdown of my employers instead. They replied in February, again sending the same ni record. So I called the hmrc helpline and the operator suggested that I wrote a request under the Data Protection Act, which I did immediately. I called the HMRC again in April and they told me that, due to the length of the period, it might take up to 375 days. However on their website they state: Now it's more than 3 months and yet no answer has come. Incidentally, re-reading the letter I sent, I have realised I had omitted my national insurance number. Terrible mistake, however I had included so much data that they could identify me without delays. What do do now? I'll call the HMRC tomorrow and if it goes nowhere, I'll write a second letter. Is there anything else I can do? This thing has been eating me for the last six months. Thank you
  2. Unfortunately it didn't give me the breakdown of all employers. Only a breakdown of all years that I paid NI. Can anybody advise?
  3. I finally got the letter from the HMRC, but it only contains the amount of NI, not the breakdown of all employers.
  4. Wow, I'm going to try that. But do I need to give them a list myself or would they find other employers that I forgot to mention? I'm sorry for sounding bonkers that I'm a bit stressed and I want to do things right.
  5. But, is this going to give me a breakdown of all employers?
  6. Hello, is it true that the HMRC can give a statement of employment record if requested? I have found the address of the Record Retrieval Service, but it looks like this is only for compensation claims? Would they give me a record for any other purpose? And would that cover also periods on benefits? The reason I need this record for previous years is because I've lost some of my p45s and now I need to claim permanent residence status for EU citizens.
  7. Hi Honeybee, I posted the same question on an immigration forum but not here on consumeractiongroup . The problem I have is that I am in the process of applying for a document certifying permanent residence: form EEA (PR). I'm Italian and I've lived in this country for many years. I never needed to justify my presence in this country, but the 2014 amendment to The Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations [i can't post links yet but you can google it] have moved the goalpost from the requirement the way they were before. In particular, as explained in my first post, they have changed the definition of "retained worker status" and "jobseeker". This makes things particularly difficult for me, because I have periods of unemployment lasting more than 6 months, all this in the period 1999-2013. According to the old rules, I would have kept the status of "worker" even after 6 months of unemployment. According to the new rules, the periods after the 6 months don't count as "exercising Treaty Rights". In other words they could potentially break and reset the count of the continuous five years. In other words I wouldn't be counted as permanent resident in this country. My question was, and is, if they changed the rules, would these rules apply retrospectively to before 2014 or not? I have long researched this topic and I haven't found a definite answer. I think it would be unfair they did apply retroactively, as I was in the expectation that I was in this country and exercised my rights as European citizen. I hope I have clarified the issue but please let me know if more details are needed.
  8. Hello, first post here and apologies if you've seen my post on other forums, but I am in need of help to claim my Permanent residence certificate as a EEA citizen in UK. Hello, the original formulation of article 6(2-3-4) of the The Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006 were as follows: The amendment introduced 3.12.2013 have modified the interpretation of retained worker status and jobseeker: and: For the purpose of counting periods of unemployment as exercising treaty rights matured before 2014 (and only for that period), will the new regulations apply or the old one? Looking forward to your valuable feedback.
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