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  1. OOOOOOOOOOOO this months update... Those pesky chaps at AS have sent my case over to those jolly fellows at Debt Recovery Plus ltd. i've recieved a lovely red letter today stating i owe them £149.99 for this original ticket... On the plus side, the letter made a fantastic fire starter this morning
  2. AS parking are a bunch of jokers, they'll send you a NTK which states on the back of it that your right to appeal has lapsed, which clearly breaks the rules of conduct. Next they'll refer your case to Debt Recovery Plus... another bunch of jokers.... (im having dealings with A S & DRP too lol)
  3. where were you "ticketed" Dest? i've been doing homework on these jokers, i look forward to recieving court papers, Should they actually every arrive that is, just to choose my local court, cause them the 830 mile round trip to give evidence, as WHEN i win it, (for the excellent help and advice i've recieved on this site) i'll also be putting a claim in for expenses, and harrassment. might not get anything from it, but there face though
  4. Hahahahahahahahahahahahah Yea, I thought just as much, the letter today has just sealed there fate in my eyes. I'm going to keep any letters I get sent, adding them to the current ones, with the NTK & PCN, then should it get escalated to a court appearance I'll throw it at them along with my expenses form. Thanks for clarifying it for me though, and all help received so far in this case. Naturally I'll keep you all updated!
  5. Well, Im back, the jokers have replied to my letter with this.... Apparently the NTK was POFA compliant, and there will be no appeals process, nor no further correspondance regarding this. Now im, not being stupid (or am i?) but im relativly sure the POFA section 4 states i have 28 days from date of NTK issue to appeal this, NOT from date of PCN issue? ERM.... HELP?
  6. 10 minutes free parking to do your shopping at a supermarket... otherwise a £45 / £90 fine.... they fail.
  7. Well, letter sent today, certificate of posting provided by post office. I have managed to get hold of a sign in the car park today via a family member there... would you believe it... look at the bottom left of it... "BPA"... you fail!
  8. Heres what i've amended the letter to :- my address xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx 24th September 2015 To whom it may concern; Re: pcn No. 22351 (issued to BP03 NBN) As registered keeper of this vehicle I am not liable for the charge as the conditions of schedule 4 of the POFA 2012 have not been met. All further correspondence is to be addressed to the driver of the vehicle at the time of the event. I am under no legal obligation to give the name and address of the driver, and will not be doing so. Should you wish to pursue this claim, the keeper will e
  9. I've looked on google earth, but sadly the actual car park isnt on there. im hoping that someone i know that is visiting there this week can obtain some for me. in the meantime, im sending this letter off today to get the appeals process started while im gathering more evidence!
  10. Thanks EB, I'll stick that on the bottom of the letter, along with amending it to state I request a popla code, and then I'll drop that in at the post office tomorrow. Let's see how they wish to play this one. I hadn't thought about the whole signage thing either! Well pointed out!
  11. so, regarding my letter to them (which will be posted on a royal mail signed for service); forgive my stupidity, but do i simply write something along the lines of APPEAL. To whom it may concern; Re: PCN No. .................... I challenge this 'PCN' as keeper of the car, on these main grounds: a). The sum is disproportionate, does not represent a genuine pre-estimate of loss, nor is it a core price term. b) The sum is extravagant and unconscionable and cannot be justified. c). There is no evidence that you have any interest in the land. I
  12. Ah well, interesting one here. i did some homework on the exact same thing, and it turns out they WERE members of the BPA, this expired on the 28th August this year. According to the emails i recieved from the BPA, they have 6 months to remove all logos of theirs otherwise they will be penalised for it.
  13. Thanks for you reply, so, am i correct in thinking i should just send in the templated appeal, claiming the prescribed amount was paid, even though at the time of the PCN being issued it wasnt? (There was a lapse of 20 minutes where the car was parked without a valid ticket, this is when i was collared) im presuming this is just to get the details for the independant adjudicator? thanks again!
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