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  1. Thank you for the information and advice The reason we were arranging a DAS was because due to having to pay a mortgage, several insurances, council tax etc... our outgoings we higher than what we have coming in just in bills. We had an extra 800.00 going out per month - this is due to us as we relocated and thought the house would sell faster than it has so we have been using credit cards to cover the excess which have quickly built up. I have a list which was put together with payplan for our budget but now everything has changed. I'll speak to payplan and debtline tomorrow as looking online I could possibly look at a temporary payment arrangement until everything goes through. With regards to mortgage, I understand completely the impact and to be honest i'll use the 6 years to put together a sizeable deposit instead.
  2. Hello, I am in a position whereby I am about to arrange either a trust deed or DAS. I haven't signed anything as yet. My circumstances are now about to change in that our empty house has finally sold so once this exchanges, not only will i be better off financially as I will have no mortgage and insurances to pay (was paying rent and mortgage which meant we couldn't meet credit card payments), I will also be able to pay a good chunk off my debt. I don't know what the best option is as once the house completes, I can pay way more than the minimum payments are and finally get things paid off. At the moment for the next few months i still have mortgage to pay for and can't afford minimum payments. Can you enter a DMP for say 4 months? Or is it worth just contacting my creditors to explain the situation and see if they will allow lower payments until the house exchanges? Just trying to decide what the best option is with the least damage to my credit score. I have only just cancelled direct debits for minimum payments and am late with one payment so far. I can afford to make some payment towards the minimum payments but not full. Thanks
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