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  1. sorry didn't mean to cause offence was just airing on the side of caution as all this is new to me. It is indeed Lowell and creditor redact finance. Thank you all for your help so far.
  2. Thanks for the advice shamrocker. I dont mind saying who with but do the dcs come on here could it cause me problems putting on here? tried to message you shamrocker but it says i have to make 30 posts first
  3. Would the ccj be recorded if paid within a time frame? also does that open the door for other dc to locate me? Thanks
  4. Thank you for all of your advice advice citizenb looks like i'll have to pay. Another question I have is that by acknowledging this debt will it link other dc to that address is it recorded in some way? Would that be admitting liability in the meantime unclebulgaria67 by contacting the catalogue company? And by accepting the debt are other dc likely to follow suit?
  5. Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply. dx100 what does this mean please? get the claim acked on mcol Unclebulgaria67 in the particulars of claim it says between the catalogue name with reference and assigned to the claimant on x/xx/2011 Also meant to ask if I use the full amount of time to reply and file would it then be statute barred or is it impossible as they filed on 16/9/15?
  6. Thanks citizenB. I Was wondering why they have listed the debt as 2 years later though? Could it be on them to prove it as I know it was in 2009 not 2011! Is it a sneaky tactic as all letters sent to my parents had been returned to sender so they put the claim in the hope that letter would be returned also and I would get a ccj by default? Which I'm wondering if thats the reason why they have invented a date in 2011 as they judge may question if they put september 2009? What bearing could it have if I had not updated the agreement since I opened an accoun
  7. Date of issue: 16/09/15 Reason for claim: Monies from the defendant to the claimant under an agreement regulated under the consumer credit act 1974 between the defendant and ...... under account reference ...... and assigned to the claimant on x/x/2011 notice of which has been given to the defendant. The defendant failed to maintain contractual repayment under the terms of the agreement and a default notice has been served which has not been complied with. Value of the Claim £370 Has the claimant added section 69 interest?yes What is the claim for? c
  8. /Hi, I hope one of you lovely people can help me please. Through my parents address i've received a N1 county court form for proceedings against me for a catalogue bill. Looking on an old email the last payment was made 5/09/09, last order 17/9/09. Several emails before and after requesting i sign a credit agreement which I do not believe I completed. N1 form by debt collector states debt was assigned to me in 2011 which doesn't seem right when I haven;t ordered since 2009 ! I haven't spoken to my parents for some time unfortunately so was not aware the
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