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  1. Hi Everyone. After my reply from the retail site management I gave the details asked for by them but also asked for their policy re. Equality act and if permission had been granted to issue a charge to a blue badged vehicle. I also informed him that should parking eye decline my appeal I would be asking for the popla code and appealing at that stage too. I have now received a reply from the retail management. -courtesy included. I was addressed by name and that they could now inform me that parking eye would no longer be pursuing the charge made !!! It is in the process of cancellation and I should be receiving confirmation shortly from them. However if I wish to continue to visit the retail site may he reminded me that there is a 45min limit on parking to all visitors. The following day I received the parking eye no reply email simply stating the charge reference number followed by charge cancelled. . ... I would like to thank you all. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, for taking the time to help and for your support. One very grateful disabled driver. Thank you !!!
  2. Hi everyone. Thank you so much. I help out in a group forum for people recently diagnosed with my illness. I do hope I'm as helpful there as everyone has been to me here. In thirty years of driving I truly never had a parking ticket. Since having a blue badge issued I have had loads and like a fool have paid ! I even packed it away for months as I was literally a sitting duck. I will briefly list some of the instances. Mainly in free to everyone car parks 1. Meadowhall - free. Blue badge. We have had a number of fraudulent blue badge users. Driving licence, registered disability, log book and badge sent. Had to pay as reply said all could have been fraudulently obtained. 2. Edge of windscreen tint obscuring reflective stamp on blue badge. Total rubbish - asked warden in person before leaving car if everything was correct. Ticketed 4 mins later .3 free car park.disabled bay. Rear wheel encroaching yellow line of bay - by 1/2" next to a wall ! 4 free car park. Left vehicle engine running and car door open while reading sign 10 steps away . Warden parked next to me. Ticketed. When I asked him what he was doing was told I was not allowed to address him, write to the address. Reason for ticket - not set clock ! 5 get this one !!! Blue badge incorrectly displayed. Upside down not wrong way up. The list is endless. So accept my apologies for ranting but I HAVE HAD ENOUGH. Update on current ticket. ..I have received a curt reply from shopping site management. Thank you for contacting us. I have enclosed a diagram of the signs situated at the entrance and within the car park. The appeals process is described on the rear of the parking notice you have received. (however the next line says) Please forward your parking notice issue number and the vehicle registration so I may assist parking eye with their investigation. . .Now read into that what you will but thanks to the brilliant information from you ie ammunition, I am loaded and ready . Disgusted, downtrodden, disabled - but not dead in the water yet ! Lauren xxx
  3. I appealed to PE straight away although I did not receive the letter for three days into the reduced payment. I also contacted management at the site and informed them of the situation. To be honest my appeal was exactly that, nothing technical just the fact I could not have coped hurrying and quite obviously would not have parked without paying where needed. I am sure they know that already because realistically who would in threat of this. My appeal is open and I can contact them again now I have more information thank you. And the same with the site who have not replied. Thank you so much. It actually feels like I have a chance.
  4. Hi. This is parkingEye. Po box 565 Chorley PF6 6HT..ParkingEye car park management. The St Peters Retail Park. Mansfield. Notts. There was signs at the entrance to the car park but it is an exit off of a busy main road. It leads round a narrow hairpin bend which in itself is difficult. With traffic behind there is no way you could stop and read the signs as this would impede the traffic back to the main road . There was signs around the car park but not where I parked which is why I asked a fellow parker. To be honest I did not see any ticket machines at all. They were certainly not near me as that would have instantly alerted me as I checked other cars for tickets and no one near me had one. Thank you.
  5. Hi. I fully agree. When I was first issued my blue badge it carried a meaning - "target" I was once issued a ticket in Meadowhall at Sheffield. Parked in a disabled bay with badge and clock set, free unlimited parking to EVERYONE. Every 4th car in the disabled bay was issued one three days before Christmas for no reason. I wrote to the company sending photos of the actual event and of the tickets stuck on the other vehicles with copies of my blue badge, driving licence,log book - everything !!! I was told there had been a spate of fraudulent blue badge use and told to pay. There was no mention of popla and at that point it was the start of targeting. Two weeks later I was parking at a dentists, again in a disabled bay. As I parked a traffic warden approached me. I did the badge and carefully placed it on top off the clocks of car. He came up to the car and I asked him if everything was ok and if I was clear to park. He was pleasant and said everything was fine. 15 mins later I returned to a ticket which was issued 4mins after parking. The reason written in ink read obstructed badge. I sent pictures again and told them everything that had happened. They claimed a one inch tinted line around the glass had obscured a number. The badge was not even in the windscreen - again I paid. I spent the next six months not daring to use it. This Christmas in a free car park that I thought needed tickets purchased I parked my car and put badge in window. Left the door wide open with all my belongings on the seat and walked the 5-10 steps to the sign to read the small print. I was ticketed instantly with the door still open. I asked him what he was doing and was told "you cannot question me, don't speak to me, if you want to know anything there's an address" and with that he got back into a car parked right next to me !!! In a disabled bay, sat waiting. An elderly gentleman told me he had experienced the same because his wheel had covered 1" of the yellow line. When I wrote the reply stated I had not set the clock but they would consider my appeal. I never heard back and didn't pay. Prior to a blue badge I have honestly never had a parking ticket. At present I use it to be close to where I need to be, I despise the damned thing. Most car parks I use I pay the same rate as everyone else but can park near the door which is essential for me. In my experience a blue badge means something on private land - ticket me !!!
  6. To be perfectly honest at this moment in time I cannot get enough up to pay anyway.
  7. Hi, I googled parking eye appeal and was forwarded to the parking eye contact with appeal. I sent copies of my blue badge etc. This includes my email address. I then contacted the retail site itself and explained the situation. Also informing them that I had spent my weekly budget on their site. I have my doubts I will receive a reply any time soon from either.
  8. My next task will be in writing with copies. The rear of the charge gives an order of appeal. Firstly to contact them with an appeal. It says I can apply to popla but not until my appeal has failed with themselves firstly. I'm not a usual give up on the rob dogs but am so upset by the struggle I experienced trying to be a bit more independent that if I actually had the funds I would just give in and pay.I don't and it feels like a rough experience has been made truly unbearable all for a "private land" what a joke con. I actually caught myself trying to recollect if I could have accidentally pulled onto private property somewhere !!!
  9. Thank you. It really is a waiting game. The parking charge as opposed to fine arrived yesterday and the date of offence was the 7th. I contacted them straight away but have had no response. Oh my god, I cannot imagine the situation if I now receive another two of the same over the next two weeks. Your reply is very much appreciated thank you.
  10. Sorry for the double up there. I also sent photos of both sides of my blue badge with the appeal.
  11. Thanks for replies. . I'm am feeling foolish and terribly disheartened at the moment. 45 mins. What the hell. I queued for 5 mins in one shop alone. I appealed to parking eye for a little discretion as a disabled driver. I checked the disabled vehicle's I was parked next to and no one had a purchased ticket. I couldn't even get to the other shops on site as too far from disabled bays for me. I had been told 3 hours by the neighbouring car also blue badged. I could not have got round any faster. Can't shop in other centres as too far from car. I'll be sticking to the local store from now on. That's at least my custom lost through principle. It says on back of fine I can appeal to parking eye and if unsuccessful can then apply to popla but not until a decision is made by parking eye. Thanks.
  12. Hello everyone. I'm a new user and in an awful situation with the good old parking eye system. St Peters retail park Mansfield. I am a disabled driver and aware now this is a private car park. I struggle with disability and clinging on to my ability to drive. My daughter has recently started at the college in Mansfield but is struggling with the lack of buses. She helps me so much I agreed to take her to college but in an attempt to save petrol I decided to stay there and do my shopping in the retail park. It took me 2 hrs and five minutes. I received the ticket today after parking in the disabled facilities. Unfortunately I have done the same on at least 3 occasions. The signs were away from the bays I asked another parker how long I could park for as I am very wary when going somewhere new. They said 3 hours which I accepted as this is the same time given in all our local area. I fear this may be the first of the tickets from the same car park. I cannot establish how long I could park for as there is no mention on fire just a camera image of my number and stating I parked on private land. I have appealed on their website and contacted the shopping centre with the problem. Had no reply from either. What do I do next. I do hope someone can come up with a solution. Mortified Lauren.
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