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  1. Thank you. That sounds promising. Yes, I admit to the debt, it was an overdraft charge that I defaulted on during a time of struggling with some mental health issues. It was sold to another company last year and it's a shame that now I am able to deal with it and repay that I have just been issued with a CCJ, but I have to take responsibility for that. If I hadn't have moved house in December I would have recieved the court forms and could have sorted it all out then. I would like to pay them the full amount and draw a line under it. It would be a weight off my mind. I am signing the Tom
  2. Thank you so much for your reply. I completely agree with everything you say, however I do apologise and must add that I hadn't updated them with my new address, which I moved into early December 2017, (CCJ issued in February) so technically it's my fault and not theirs, right? I only found out when I checked my credit file and saw the CCJ had been issued. It is unfortunate the court papers and house move coincided with each other, but still I should have updated them beforehand I guess. This may change your opinion and I'm sorry for not making that clearer. This,
  3. Hi guys, Mid February I was issued with a CCJ after moving house and not receiving the court documents. I have spoken to Citizen's advice who have discussed with me the possibility of a set aside and have sent me the court forms to fill in. I know that I need to act promptly and get this sent off but was waiting to speak to the claimant. I spoke with the claimant's Solicitors and we came to an arrangement for me to pay all money owed and for them to consent to set aside. They were very nice about this after speaking to them and hearing the issues I'd been dealing with and
  4. Hello, I wonder if anybody could help me. I came to the site from Google as I typed in some information relating to Cabot Financial and a Claim Form and somebody had already posted a thread a long time ago. I tried to follow the thread but I got really confused. I am feeling quite stressed about this issue so that may be why I found it hard to follow, so I appreciate if this sounds familiar to you already but I may need some step by step help. I would be so thankful in return. A few years ago I went travelling and I missed some payments on a Lloyds Bank Student Credit Card
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