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  1. Yeah. Going to try and not lose sleep. They can't do anything. IMO I've paid them more than I realistically owe. I'm going to go the Citizens Advice to see about filing a complaint with trading standards; the practices at this place are frankly abysmal, hopefully if enough of use file complaints then something will be done.
  2. Got an email from Harlands. Oh joy. Dear Mr Further to your call to our offices on 26th October 2015. We can confirm Xercise Less are yet to advise that any cancellation has been agreed to for your membership. As you are aware Xercise 4 Less deal with all their cancellations directly in branch, therefore please call : 0191 500 9070 Quote ref : as you have previously given them notice to cancel your membership. We have held you account until 2nd December in order for Xercise 4 Less to be able to update us accordingly regarding the cancellation of this membership
  3. 1. It was the X4less membership support team so I have to assume the Leeds head office. 2. Paid by card over the phone. 3. No, Harlands or CRS have not been in touch... yet. I really just wanted this whole thing over with. It really is stress that shouldn't exist in the first place. How long do these things usually go on for? It's been months already. I feel like such and idiot. They harassed and bullied me and i gave in, I was so eager to end this farce that I forgot to cover my back, and now they money grubbing leeches come back, trying their hands for more. I just
  4. Yes it was a phone conversation. No writing. I have bank statements proving i made the payment though. Who do I complain to about this, i'm sick of getting ignored by these people when I try and get in touch and having them hound me for money I don't owe.
  5. Good news everyone! X4less claim I didn't make any payment and that my account is still in arrears. Good thing I kept my letters and bank statements cause I reckon i'll need them to get this sorted. I really hope some kinda legislation comes into force about how transparent gyms have to be, they seem to operate alot like lending companies did before all those reforms came through. On an unrelated note, if i cancelled my membership but failed to pay for the final month can the company continue the contract or would they only be able to charge for the one month that is unpaid?
  6. So I got in touch with both Harlands and X4Less to see where I stood. Harlands say they don't know and will check with X4Less but X4Less are telling me I don't need to worry about anythig and can ignore the letter Harlands sent me. Apparently it can take up to 14 days for the email to be sent from one company to the other confirming my account is cleared. Talk about right hand not knowing what the left is doing. So it looks like i'm in the clear now, i'm gonna wait the 14 days and see if Harlands manage to screw up again if so i'll let you know. Otherwise I just want to thank you al
  7. Sorry about the paragraph, I didn't even notice. I paid 2 months subscription. I felt it was fair considering that I did break T&Cs. I'll send the letter ASAP but I grow weary of the constant back and forth with these companies. How long do these things usually last? I don't think I could stomach anymore. Thanks again for all the help. Is there any point in logging a complaint with them?
  8. First i'd like to thank you guys, you've all been super helpful during this frustrating time and it has really helped. X4less contacted me and we reached an agreement, I paid a far more reasonable sum and the account is not clear and closed down, They assured me that I would not hear from themselves of Harlands again, however I received today a letter from CRSS stating I owe an insane £104.97 (remember this was originally over £9.99). Since i'm all paid up with X4less do I just ignore CRS? I find it maddening how little communication there is between these companies and the s
  9. Ok, so it's been about 14 days. I've recieved a letter from harlands, it reads as follows. Dear Further to your recent letter to our offices. Unfortunately, we cannot cancel the agreement you hold with Xercise 4 less as they deal with them directly at the branch. You must either contact them in store or over the telephone to cancel the agreement. We strongly advise that you get this confirmation in writing from them when you come to and agreement to cancel, for your own records. You will need to send this information to Xercise 4 Less directly as we do not deal with cancel
  10. I'm aware I was in the wrong. I just find the lack of notice about any penalties for Direct Debits being cancelled and the rather steep "admin fees" to be unfair. I wouldn't mind it if I was informed when i signed up. Thanks very much for the letter template though, hopefully this won't go too much further. I'll have it sent off ASAP, if anything happens i'll let you know.
  11. Ok. I've been to the gym and they wouldn't allow me to clear my outstanding balance of £9.99. You pretty much predicted them word for word slick. They gave me the number for Harlands and The Membership Support line and told me to call them (per your instructions, I have not called anyone). I just don't understand why these charges are there. I was out of my contract and I've never known any other company penalize you for cancelling a DD, and so heavily too. As I said I am more than happy to pay the £9.99, it's the admin fees that i'm not willing to pay.
  12. Hi everyone and thanks for this great forum! I'm very new to this so sorry if i get some things wrong. Here is a timeline of events: 03/08/14: I join the Newcastle branch of Excersise4less, being told it is a rolling contract of £9.99 and that I can cancel at anytime. The same day i head home to find an email telling me that my contract is in fact for 11 months. That's fine, I intent to go anyway. 25/08/15: 12 months of not going to the gym later and I start thinking that maybe this membership is a bit of wasted money. I cancel my Direct Debit and cancel my subscription in the
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