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  1. So, I opened the complaint about how they took the payments (again) and this time they won't admit fault, yet last time they did. They informed me Tuesday evening that I had until Friday (tomorrow) to clear the debt or the default notice would be enforced. Taken some advice from CAB and national debt line (been sent around the houses a bit here, they keep saying the other can give advice they cannot) CAB have informed me as I've broken the contract, the one third amount to take me to county court for return of goods is invalid and its legally one half. The advice h
  2. So I physically have to have paid half to VT? The advice from national debt line was that I didn't. I'd just owe the difference. They didn't even say about a time order.
  3. Reading your link, I have NOT been issued a notice of arrears, they went straight to issuing a default.
  4. I have the right to VT halfway, which currently means I'd owe ~£4000. Unfortunately a time order isn't viable as the default runs out on Monday. HOWEVER, I've paid over 1/3rd, but the default was issued before this time. I also have it in writing that the agreement to repay was on track and there was no problems with the account - that's in January. They're defaulting me due to three "missed payments". Two of which I paid manually. These were before the contact I had with them in January and no mention was made.
  5. First default in September (original post in this thread) They then tried to act on this default in January, saying I had missed payments, but they had already authorised this as OK and it went away. And now a new default issued over payments I have paid but they claim I haven't (I paid them manually due to problems with direct debits, they now claim that I didn't pay the payment, just arrears) And yes VT is what was suggested by the advise I had earlier today. Although as the dealership damaged my car last time it was in, I'll get charged for it if I VT it.
  6. VT versus VS? I'll be ringing the manager tomorrow, but I really get the feeling they want this car back. I've been paying it and they've attempted to take it three times in 6 months now!
  7. I hoped I wouldn't have to revisit this but I have. I've been sticking to the repayment plan since made, one exception which they accepted (more on that later though). They tried to act on the detail they'd previously issued and given an agreement for just after xmas. This was despite the assurances after I paid it late, that it was fine and these things happen. I got an apology and was told the agreement was still in place and my account was okay. Roll on the start of March and they issue a new default notice, claiming payments not paid on time as the reason,
  8. It was more that a lot of cars have defective DPF from new, as mine does. The dpf isn't under warranty either. Back on topic though, you have to wonder how arrogant they are to think they'd ever get away with this deception? Kind of sums VW groups attitude, and it will hurt them massively I suspect.
  9. What was advertised (I know that's horribly inaccurate but still...) And also to the other cars in our extended family, a 15yr old octavia 1.9tdi and even a petrol BMW 318i gets better fuel economy most of the time! Get an active regen on the way to work and you drop from 60-70mpg average to about 35mpg average! And it regens every two to three days (70miles a day on average) Interested to see what "fix" they come up with, VW group are known to not care about customers too much.
  10. I've got a supposedly affected octavia 3 2.0tdi. The fuel economy is shocking sometimes, amazing others. Add it to the list of faults with this lemon. Also quite a few have DPF problems, mine being one. Near constant regenerations, and black soot out of the exhaust! Just counting down until their press release on October 7th regarding how they're going to fix it, and what vehicles are actually affected.
  11. VWFS finally agreed to a repayment plan, after arguing enough to talk to a manager. However, the FOS is a joke. They toed the same line as their adjudicator, their final decision letter was full of spelling mistakes, factual errors, missing evidence produced by myself, and had an insult to my intelligence as the opening paragraph. I don't know if I'm going to continue to chase this, or just use the latest scandal to hit VW group with their emissions scandal to get rid of this car.
  12. Thought I'd update this after I had a resolution. I pushed for a call back from a manager after finding problems with a load of payments etc... Finally had a call back today, and he agreed to a "token" amount of repayment for 6months and then a review to pay more after this. Turns out after you argue to talk to a manager, they are much more open to compromise, as they don't have targets to meet! I also have three formal complaints open... so this will be fun!
  13. Exactly as I thought too, but they aren't listening to this! I'm guessing I need to push the FOS to remind them of the fact that it is being investigated, or get a time order from the court?
  14. I put in formally for rejection of the vehicle under supply of goods act, with the finance company being the responsible party of the vehicle. They declined it, so its with the FOS, who are aware of the current situation, but they work at glacier speed. So yes, the entire contract is under dispute and could be cancelled if the FOS rule in my favour.
  15. Hi I hoped I'd never need advice like this, but here it goes. I bought a new car in Dec 2013, on PCP. Total amount payable is £20,264.48 and I still have £15260.36 left to pay (according to their latest email) The first car was replaced under warranty for software/electrical issues, the car arrived in March 2014, and I had about a weeks use of my own car in this time. The second car was delivered with faults, which two dealers have failed to fix so far, VWFS refused my rejection over this and it is with the ombudsman for a final decision. However, they wrote to
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