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  1. Does anyone know who is the top man/woman in charge of NatWest UK ? Plus best Address to contact Many thanks
  2. We have opened a new account at another Bank BUT he can't get a Student Account with an Overdraft because they have BLACK Marked his Credit File
  3. I can assure you nothing is missing,I saw the screen in the Bank showing he was £0.58 OD next transaction was the first of £6.00 Daily charge and so on. No withdrawals made just charges applied from end of April 15 to our contact in August 15 when we wanted a Student Account
  4. Thanks I will try that your right he will have bad credit for 6 years. Worse still a student with no O/D learning and living in London not good Thank you for your advice
  5. I asked them how he went O/D on his account,there reply was it takes days for a debit to come of his card. My own bank takes payment as soon as made (Coop)
  6. That's what I thought but they have he tried to open a Student Account with the Coop but again they can't due to a marker on his file. I did ask NatWest to remove but they refused 110%
  7. His account had no Overdraft Cheque book etc just a kids account. Opened at 16 for his EMA while at college. Even at 18 it stayed the same
  8. My god are they for real!!
  9. No buffer he only had a basic account no overdraft and yes your right
  10. Thank you for your reply The Bank claims they sent statements and email he did not get any I did check his email incase they went to junk. But no not one,he paid no money in or drew on his account since April. The rate of charges is £6.00 per day to a max of 20 day per month or so. All I want is to let him have his credit file clean so he can a overdraft. Being a student living in London he will need it. I asked the bank to do that but they refuse point blank as they dropped the charges
  11. Hi all My first post. My son banks with NatWest and as done so since he was 16 (Now 22) he went overdrawn by £0.58 back in April this year. He had not used his account since then as he wasn't working just studying hard before going to University. Anyway long story short 3 weeks ago we went into the branch to change his account for a Student Account as he needed an overdraft facility and his normal account had no overdraft facility. This is when we found out he had gone £0.58 O/D and since April had put charges on his account totalling £146.00 so as you can guess shocked was an un
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