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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. Slick, I've been looking for a copy of my contract but can't seem to find it anywhere unfortunately
  2. Hello, I joined the JD Sports Gym in Liverpool on a flexible, rolling contract, with no minimum contract. It can be seen on their website (I can't post the link) Now this was in January. However, a few months ago (July or so) I wanted to cancel, due to lack of use, so I consulted their website and found this in the FAQ page: Which is exactly what I did. I got a few letters from them regarding missed payments, and administration fees. I (naively) thought this may be a mistake, and left it. After that I got this letter through at the end of last week stating this: I did what the website said. As far as I'm aware, I don't owe them anything. It wasn't a fixed contract. Am I liable to pay them anything? I just want them to leave me alone. Any help would be fantastic. Best regards, Steven
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