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  1. UPDATE: Hello to everyone. First of all I'd like to thank everyone who has supported me on this post and for your valuable advice. I just thought I would update you all on my situation. I am on anti depressants and feel much better. I accepted the caution as wanting it done and dusted with. I received a rlp letter asking for £190 odd but I have ignored this, just the one letter so far.
  2. Thank you everyone. I was also thinking the caution would be the simplest to take but I was just searching on the Internet about postpartumI depression and my symptoms seem to sum up so thought maybe if I was diagnosed with postpartum depression I maybe able to save myself from the caution. But wasn't sure if going to court would simply just make things more ugly for me.
  3. Thanks a lot, you really are a very good help and supporter. Your comments really do make me feel better and gives me hopes that everything will be fine at the end. Well i do have an update and hopefully you can advice me as I really am in a dilemma right now. I' had a phone call by the police today who have now offered me to accept a police caution or they take it to court. I have told them I need time to think and will let him know late afternoon. What do you think I should now do? I haven't seen a dr yet but say it comes out that I am suffering from postpartum depression do I have a chance of saving myself from this caution if I told the court of my condition or will things get worse if I decided to go to court? I want to obviously do what will effect me less. Is it better I accept the police caution or tell them I want to go court?
  4. I am constantly in tears thinking about what I've done. I am puzzled because I've always been proud enough to say and hear from people about how honest and trustworthy I am, and now I doubt this myself.
  5. Thank you SabreSheep. I'm always thinking how to be a perfect mum, and be able to provide my kids everything they need. I been really stressed out over my four month old baby as he has recently been suspected of cows milk allergy, and been prescribed with a dairy free milk which he is struggling to drink. I'm not using this as an excuse but this is one of the reasons of my sleepless nights and the stress on my shoulders. I wish I could wave a magic wand to make him better. I still don't understand why I did what I did and I don't think no one else would have the answer to my question if I don't myself. I have never done anything like this ever before and ik completely ashamed of myself.
  6. Hi think about it thank you so much for your response. Your words are very encouraging, I have now made an appointment to see a dr on Monday. I am nervous but you all are right, dr's are there to help and not make your life any worse. Thank you.
  7. Thank you everyone for your help and support and for not lecturing me of how bad I was. I am so glad I ended up in this forum. I will be going to my gp. I will see how it goes with my gp and then may tell my husband everything too. He isn't a violent person, he's always been there for me. I just cabout imagine what he's going to think of me, as tbh there was no need for me to do this. If I ever need anything my husband never says no. Can someone please tell me if I do get a letter from RLP and I ignore it can I end up with bailiffs at my door? I will be keeping you all updated with what is happening with me, you all have been a great support to me and I feel slightly relieved tonight. Hopefully I will get some sleep. Thank you to each one that has replied here.
  8. Thank you so much citizenB. I will use the budget sheet. I am really scared to see someone regarding this matter, and very embarrassed to approach for help. I will wait til I hear from court and then decide what to do. Thanks a lot.
  9. Can someone also please tell me what would happen in court? If I'm fined around how much will it be and would I get the option to pay in installments. Also will this come up on a crb check? And also would you think I need a solicitor or its ok for me to go alone since I intend to plea guilty? Thank you everyone.
  10. Thanks a lot but I don't think I could tell my husband, it's such a despicable act on my behalf. I'm so ashamed of myself. I don't want to embarrass him or upset him as he will think he isn't providing me enough when he gives me anything I ask for.
  11. Thank you to everyone here, I wasn't expecting you all to support me, I'm just really scared they might find out through cctv that I done it two days back without them catching me and they would inform the police and that would just make things worse. I am really scared to go to the dr's but I will take all your advice and go because to be honest even I can't understand what had gotten in me and why I did all that when I have never stolen anything big or small in my life ever before.
  12. Thank you so much for your kind reply. Yes the police said because the items were over £200 I would have to go to court and will receive a court summons within a week. The store security guard gave me a letter saying I am now banned for life from their store and that I would receive a letter with their charges for the security guard who wasted time to deal with me. The police have told me that I won't be in serious trouble probably a fine since it's my first offence. However as I say I'm worried more because I had done the stealing two days before too. And scared they would realise they have shortage of the item in stock and think maybe it was me since it's the same item I attempted stealing the day I got. And if they get suspicious they would start looking back at cctv footage from past few days. If they did that and find out I had stolen that day what could happen. Would this make my situation worse? I am so scared to tell anyone, I'm killing myself with all the pain of losing my children. I'm too scared to even talk to a dr invade the dr reports me. I am shaking and feel I will pass out. My husband is getting concerned and keeps asking me why am I so lost these days.
  13. I was caught shoplifting last week at a supermarket. I took two items, although I didn't even check the prices, but when the police came we were told they both in total were £279.99. The police interviewed me in the shop itself rather arrest me as I told them I need to get back home to my children. I am now waiting to receive a court summons. The biggest problem is that I plead guilty and told them I've never done this before. But the truth is I did it just two days back at the same shop but didn't get caught that day. I've been really stupid, I don't know what got in to me to have done all this. I have a lovely family, my husband and three kids, my baby is only 6 months old. I am really scared that the shop might realize that they have low stock on the item I stole and they might get suspicious that I did it as it was the same item I attempted on stealing two days after again when I got caught. Can someone please help me and tell me could they check their cctv and can they take further action against me if they find anything of me that day. I have never been involved with the police before and have never stolen before. I haven't told anyone about this, not even my husband. This is killing me from inside. I'm really scared that they might find out about the other items I have stolen and when I go to court I'll end up in jail. I don't want to lose my family, I am crying and I would rather kill myself than go in jail thinking everyday how my children are coping without me. My baby has had health problems since birth and can't do without me for even an hour. How can we be without each other if I was jailed. Please help me.
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