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  1. Car was advertised Sold as seen. Advertised as a roadworthy vehicle to drive away. Receipt clearly states "This vehicle is sold as spares and repairs" next to where I signed, Id post a picture of the receipt but my paperwork is at my folks house about 2 hours away from me. To be honest it seems like the dealer is pulling a fast one to try to cover his ass against someone in my situation. The question im asking is will this method of ass covering work for him if I where to seek compensation for a ****ed vehicle? Also is it worth even trying considering the age and value of the car (in my o
  2. Hey folks I have some experience buying and selling cars however I have recently had my first bad experience.I bought a car from a dealer about 180miles from my home (it was a somewhat rare car and I live in the north of Scotland). The dealer seems fairly reputable with a large premises and shifts a lot of high value vehicles. The vehicle I purchased they had received as a trade in and were advertising it as "Sold as seen". The dealer also stated the vehicle was sold as seen with no warranty when I was viewing it. The vehicle seemed to be in good roadworthy condition with a f
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