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  1. Oddly enough they haven't supplied an image of the largest sign at the entrance, only an image of the smaller sign that is obscured by a tree ( conveniently not obscured in their image). As for name, im not sure what you mean, are you referring to the one I uploaded or their documents?
  2. today we have received a set of images and arguments from met parking (5 days after they submitted them to popla) and they have made arguments to every point we made. i used officelens to scan all the pages and have assembled them into a pdf, which i am uploading (personal details erased of course). we are unsure as to what to do now and any help is greatly appreciated. of note is their image of the entrance sign, which includes a bald tree. this tree, throughout spring and summer obstructs the sign.
  3. im referring to the popla appeal i managed to sort out what goes where, and have submitted the popla appeal (just in time too). now im just waiting for the tracking password to come through......
  4. im doing the appeal now, and i was wondering if anyody can help with it? im a little stuck on one part of the form in the "the vehicle was not improperly parked > inadequate signage" section. i have entered text in the summary and "why you perceive that the terms were not properly signed", and have attached photos of the signage, but there is a further section that reads "can you upload any evidence to support your position?" this to me reads as the same thing as the "Can you provide any evidence to support your claim that the terms and conditions were not properly signed?" s
  5. after a week and a half of waiting for them to reply, they have rejected the appeal based on "the terms and conditions............clearly stated on signs prominently displayed around the car park, including that there is a 2 and a half hour maximum stay" and "we are confident that there are a sufficient number of signs warning the driver of time limits in place" obviously i disagree that there is sufficient signage, and i still feel that the staff should accept SOME liability for what has happened. they have supplied us with a popla code and oddly enough a form to send to popla, howe
  6. I am looking at their appeals from on their website, and they require that I enter a name and address. I'm wondering which name to Put on the form since I'm filling it in. [ATTACH=CONFIG]59379[/ATTACH]
  7. here are the other 5 images [ATTACH=CONFIG]59307[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]59308[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]59309[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]59310[/ATTACH] this is the sign at the main entrance, and unless you stop at the entrance you cant read it. [ATTACH=CONFIG]59311[/ATTACH] this one i find particularly humorous. the only way to read it is to stand in the middle of the shrubbery!
  8. i took pictures of the height of the vast majority of the signs (and their contents), the sign near the door warning about the extra time, the main sign near the entrance, and one that is barely visible on the way in (above the drivers eyeline on the way in, potentially even obscured by the roof of a car). the only one at eye level is at a disabled space (despite being told by "nathan" that there were multiple) is VERY easily obstructed by a car parked in this space. [ATTACH=CONFIG]59302[/ATTACH] this is the sign that is easily obscured on the way in by the roofline of your car,
  9. I'm heading out into Norwich city today in the car since its raining. I'll nip down there and get pictures of the signage and post them up here. There was definitely spaces available (I've never seen it full) and there was definitely not a football game on.
  10. This was my argument, but all I got in reply from "Nathan" was "its the drivers responsibility and she should have let is know at the time" which I feel is a disgusting attitude. Thank you for your detective work in finding details about their addresses and names, I shall be contacting them about their disgusting attitude. Met parking have an online appeals form, should I begin by using this or should I go all out and use paper mail? Also any advice about which aspects to use as an appeal would be greatly welcomed as I am really not sure what would apply in this case
  11. They have procedures in place to extend the 2.5 hours but she was not informed of any of this, and the only sign advising of this is at the door. The management said "there's a sign at the door, she's been here before, its her fault". Not sure who I can contact about this further up but I shall have a go and see if I can find details for higher ups in the organisation.
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