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  1. Okay, sounds like they've been busy since their airing on watchdog! :'D
  2. So, its been over 2 months since I made my offer with the stipulation that they accept or decline within 14 days. I have just received this via email, nothing by post; Dear Mr ******** Re: CRS Ref No: ******* / Harlands Ref No: ******** Further to your recent e-mail, we duly write. We would like to confirm we are willing to accept payment of £179.91 by debit or credit card to settle your account in full. Please contact CRS on 01444 449165 by 10 December 2015 to discuss payment. Yours sincerely, Nick Bright Senior Collector I've been careful to make su
  3. It's been a while, hope everybody is well... After receiving nothing via post I have had this sent to my personal email account today; > Further to your recent correspondence regarding repayment of your account balance. > > Please contact CRS directly on 01444 449165 to discuss payment within the next 7 days. A suitable repayment schedule can be organised. > > Yours sincerely, > > Nick Bright > > Senior Collector Would you deem this to be a suitable reply? Dear Nick I am not willing to discuss this matter over th
  4. I personally would feel it fair to offer them the money for the membership but not the fees. They'll have had 9 months payments at no cost to them as I haven't used the facilities, as I feel they have been misleading I feel this is fair for both parties involved. If you have a suitable template or could structure a letter I'd be very grateful. As soon as my student finance arrives I'll be sure to make a contribution as your help has been amazing. Thanks in advance...
  5. I understand what you're saying, and yes I'm am largely responsible but it wasn't as straight forward as the staff member just starting I could pay £20 a month with no obligation. His explanation truly led me to believe that it was a one off payment and when that month was up is was up, my key code wouldn't work, etc etc. My negligence was in steaming through the sign up and not checking the T&Cs and not picking up on the DD's sooner. I agree with you, not picking it up sooner was my fault so I'm willing to offer the membership fee. I'm not willing to pay anything on top of that thou
  6. Slick, in reference to the staff member taking my details for payment. I signed up using my home computer and in one of the screenshot images of their system it shows what computer was used... Should I change the letter to reflect this?
  7. Cool, I'll give it a go and get back to you. Thanks Slick
  8. If it doesn't put you out at all I would be massively appreciative, definitely on the Christmas card list! :'D
  9. No, the last correspondence was from them and included the T&C's and the screenshots. These were the main points they made; They aren't bound by the consumer credit Act as it's a minimum term membership agreement. They don't own the debt as they are acting as an agent. The OFT 2011 guidelines make no reference to "proportionate" charges. They haven't made any reference to what will happen if I don't act which frankly worries me more!
  10. Yes, they'll continue to post to my home address and I will be notified immediately.
  11. Slick, It doesn't appear that the T&C's have been altered. Yes, its stated in section 10 of their T&C's that there's a 30 day cancellation notice. Do you think that my negligence to have read the small print correctly after been mislead by the staff and general lack of transparency on the website will mean that I am liable for the membership cost?...
  12. Hi Slick, thanks for getting back so quickly. 1. It was a tick box on a computer. 2. Absolutely, didn't step inside the place after the first month. 3. There were no statements by post, email or any other method. No notification was given of recurring charges. After returning from being outside of the country for a while I had to set up a few direct debts in quick succession, I just didn't pick up on it. It was my sloppy financial management but my focus was elsewhere... 4. They have sent me a screenshot of an email sent to me on the day of joining with my pin, querie info
  13. Sorry the images are so small, as a new member I can't post hyperlinks or attach larger images. The major points they made were; They aren't bound by the Consumer Credit Act as it's a minimum term membership agreement. They don't own the debt as they are acting as an agent. The OFT 2011 guidelines make no reference to "proportionate" charges.
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