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  1. Hi what I did was put it on a friend's private drive and took the wheels off the logbook people did come up to get the car but were unable to take it as it was on a private drive not at my address they need a court order to go onto a private drive to get the car whatever you do don't let the take it I've campaigned the the law to be change I've spoken on BBC radio 4 and bbc news hopefully the law will change
  2. Yes went to his flat ive rang the phone number no such number and i have his address
  3. Some news on the logbook loan company i rang police today and said i wanted to repoert fraud ,as i was sold a car and the person who sold me the car fraudently as he had a lbl on it they have reported it also told police that the loan company are threatening to take my car unless i pay £552 on a loan the last car owner had they said i was not to pay a penny and if they try to take the car iam to phone 999 and report a theft they have no right to take the car
  4. The outstanding debt on the car is £552 i rang citizens advice and they said to ring lbl and make an offer under protest so i can keep the car any advice would be greatfull cant bloody sleep worrying theyll come and take my car i cant believe i have to pay someone elses debt to keep a car i bought off them how do people like that sleep at night .
  5. I cant really make out the date on the stamp very poor copy
  6. The bos has a court stamp on it does that mean it registered and only 2 have signed it cashier and the borrower
  7. Just recieved the bos and it was witnessed by the cashier in the loan shop is that legal and i read that if the car is 8 yr old or more its void is this true and what am i looking for on the bos please help
  8. I contacted the log book loan company and said i bought the car in good faith and have asked them for all the documents stating they own the car so awaiting what that states also i asked for the balance of the last owner debt and its £552 outstanding ive now hidden the car as i have paid out on new tyres and £300 on the car so lets see what the document say when they arrive
  9. Private seller had the full service history mot logbook seemed genuine but not so tried ringing but no such number contacted log book loans said they would send me the documents stating they own the car they aint having it .bought the car as a suprise for my bf for his bday very stressed over this
  10. Also have nowhere to put car so have chain it to my car till tomorrow
  11. Please help bought a car in june and have recieved letter from lbl saying the person who sold me the car had a loan and they want the car as he hasnt paid the loan what can i do
  12. Hi can someone help i bought a car and have had a letter from logbook loans stating the car had a loan on and they are coming to get it
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