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  1. An update!!! In hindsight I am inclined to think (see i'm even beginning to talk like a Judge!) that the letter I got from the Court was guiding me by pointing out what I had not done. Anyway, thanks to you guys, I found the form and sent it with an apology and the money, and now have a court Hearing, next week which the 2 defendants are required to attend. This is to decide whether my appeal against striking out can be granted. Does anyone have any advice of the tack to take? What to say, what not to? The defendants are most likely to try to keep the case struck out, anyway, aren't they -
  2. Many thanks both of you. I only got their letter yesterday, and I am on to it. I understand the probs for the Court giving 'advice', but I think the info they provide does not assist this being a service that the public can easily access.
  3. Thanks. Why didn't they just say that (rhetorical) It a few £ks owed to me, so worth it! Cross with myself, for not gleaning the info from the Court letter on time- but crosser that a public service communicates so poorly! (Hope they arent looking over my shoulder)
  4. I wrote to County Court explaining I had misunderstood their 14 day order to return info to them, after 16 days, asking for an extension. They have replied saying my claim is struck out as I have 'made no formal application for re-instatement of the claim and relief from sanctions' I have read Part 3.9 of Civil Procedure Rules and understand what has happened (sort of!) Is this about the process? Is there a form to use and guidance about what the Court wants to re-instate, please
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