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  1. Citizens advice have told me that the fact my Bil picked up the car is irrelevant?
  2. I have just arranged for an independent inspection and report to be done on my car which is taking place this afternoon. in the hope that this will strengthen my case against them!
  3. Thanks for the advice so far. I have drafted my letter which I am going to send recorded delivery. Should I email a copy to them also?
  4. I do have the v5c but it is in the owners name who sold it to the used dealer. It's blank also, they didn't sign it. I haven't sent it off as yet as I've been trying to reject the car since day 2.
  5. I forgot to mention that they advertised a full 12 month MOT but the MOT i have expires Feb 2016
  6. Hi, I am in desperate need of help! ill start from the beginning. On August 31st i went to a used dealer to look at some cars as mine broke down. I spotted a car and phoned my brother in law for his opinion. My brother in law informed me that his friend actually works at this place so he will be able to get me some money off so to leave it with him and he will pick the car up for me tomorrow. My brother in law phoned me the next day and said he can get me the car for £2000 (original price was £2595) I asked him was it all in working order and drives ok? he said yes. I s
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