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  1. So, I get a reply of sorts off Intrum this week and I'm still non the wiser and had nothing directly clarified on my points and questions asked at all. As they say they have completed a review of the account and can see the (correctly stated payment amount) payments have been paid directly to Ind on a monthly basis and even thanked me for continuing to make payments. They also say they have now setup the repayment plan on their systems and to prevent any unnecessary letters from them to pay Intrum directly from now on instead of Ind. I've included the letter here for reference, but wandering on the correct action as still not had any clarification off Ind and very reluctant to change who the payments go to until I get that clarification off both sides.
  2. I just get the impression & feeling they will, like ind, try foul play to try and impose a default of sorts on this. As said, they look to have totally ignored my letter to them instead inviting me to make a payment arrangement with them for a second time citing it would reduce the risk of judgement. For clarification, seeing as I've not heard anything from ind regarding this sale, where do I stand legally regarding payments?. These are still going to and being accepted by ind at the post office, so legally Intrum can't ever accuse me of defaulting on the court order?. despite the confusing letter from Intrum claiming to have acquired ind but ind own the debt that I should be paying Intrum instead etc. Well how can Intrum not be aware of the court arrangement?.
  3. I got a reply from Intrum today, and looks like they are choosing to ignore my previous letter asking for some form of evidence of ownership or management of this debt from them and IND seeing as they claim to have acquired IND. I also pointed out to Intrum that this is a matter that has been before the courts and a payment plan has been set by the courts and has been kept to. Their reply is shorter saying about being aware that IND have been working with me in relation to the matter (though not heard from IND since they agreed to the court set payment plan 2017). And they they (Intrum) don't have a repayment plan and assure me that I can discuss a payment plan with them. And that making payments towards the debt (which I am to IND until they confirm the sale or instruct payments to Intrum) will bring me clearer to clearing it and releasing any potential judgement. Any advice?, as thinking to both write back and email the same letter to prevent claims they have not heard from me.
  4. letters went off last week pretty much questioning clarification from them stating as this is a debt that's been before the court and an order to pay IND themselves that I can't and won't stop payments to IND and instead pay this Intrum company unless I get something from IND themselves or clarification to confirm the arrangement they have with Intrum as I've had nothing from IND. But also made it clear I've continued to comply with the court arrangement and paid in the usual method as per IND offer for which has been accepted. But in reading over the first Intrum letter it makes for confusing reading. As Intrum claim to be the servicer of the debt owed to IND. But also state that IND has been acquired by the Intrum group. Further down it mentions IND is the legal owner of the account? .
  5. Thanks, that was a concern in that are they trying to circumnavigate that this is something that has been to court by making out they have bought the debt and so not obliged to stick to the court set payment. Of cause, it could be Intrum might be unaware that this has been to court, as they are trying to say I need to arrange a payment plan with them directly. Either that or they think they can increase payments from me by suggesting I need to arrange an affordable payment plan as nothing is in place with them. Either way, letters going off to both today, IND & Intrum.
  6. Thanks DX, will be writing to both as I'm not paying both parties and until I've confirmation off IND that Intrum now own the debt then I won't simply take Intrum's word for anything without evidence from IND. Though the first Intrum letter said to pay as usual if a payment plan was in place, which it was. Paying over the counter at the post office was a method suggested by IND as like hell were IND getting bank account details for direct debit purposes. But as said, nothing from IND to say to cease payment to them either or offered an alternative account number to pay to. If I get the confirmation and bacs details then yes, I'll pay that way. But can Intrum simply ignore the fact that this is an issue that has already been to court, resolved and payment set by the court and insist of renegotiating the debt and payments as if its never been to court simply because Intrum have bought the debt itself?, surely the order and payment ordered by the court still stands?.
  7. Goldfinch, I'm in a kind of related situation with Intrum. In my case IND went to court, won (unjustly & unfairly) and the debt assigned to IND & payment set by the court (barely above a token payment). Now I get the letter of Intrum claiming to be servicing the debt and as I have not sent them (Intrum) any payment to contact them to arrange a payment plan.
  8. Thanks DX, glad im not the only one. Though I've not received anything from IND to state and confirm they have sold the debt, their accounts, or themselves to Intrum, just a claim by Intrum to state they are now servicing the outstanding balance with the original welcome finance & IND account numbers and monies owed. So not exactly sure if they have bought the debt or simply servicing it on behalf of IND. I guess I'll be writing to Intrum & IND to ask them to confirm the assignment from IND in the first instance. But as the debt has already been assigned to IND by the courts and an agreement for payments set by the courts and payments being made and accepted via post office payments I'm unsure on exactly where Intrum are going with this seeing as the court order has been complied with?.
  9. several weeks ago I received a letter from a company called "Intrum" to say how they had taken over IND or their debt accounts etc or something and now service said account and that if a payment plan is in place then nothing will change as to pay as normal etc. The payment plan being to pay the payment set via the court\ court order every month via an account which has been paid without issue at my local post office. Today I receive another letter from "Intrum" to confirm the previous letter and payments via current payment method. But they state that they have not received any payment as expected and therefore they do not have a repayment plan in place. This is NOT true, 3 payments made since first Intrum letter (receipts to prove) to the amount agreed and set as per court back in 2017. Intrum then say how I should contact them in the next 14 days to agree a payment plan that is affordable and sustainable etc. Any advice on this as the debt was assigned to IND, they won at court, the court set and agreed the payment and payment has been made monthly without fail?.
  10. Ahh, I get you, the ATE isn't paid up front then?, If so that's helps a lot I guess, as paying for an ATE policy up front was a major concern. More so in that there is no mention of a ATE policy in the initial paperwork. Unless on first look the solicitor might see it as an open and shut case seeing as there is supposed to be video evidence of the incident from the company for which they was not forthcoming with, hence the solicitor visit.
  11. Yes, I can kind of understand that, but if my partner is hit with an ATE policy and cost that's unaffordable weeks\months down the road after signing the CFA and the solicitor says she cant\shouldnt proceed to court proceedings without it, does the CFA normally cover costs to that point if she pretty much says she can't afford to go to court?, or would she be in breach of the CFA for not agreeing to the solicitor recommendations to sign up for a ATE policy that will be unaffordable?.
  12. Thanks for the replies, this is kind of how I understand things for the main. The part that concerns me is if my partner signs the CFA and after that point is told she also needs an AFE policy that would likely cost several hundreds and its rejected to the costs, is she then going to be liable for any or all accumulated solicitor costs to that point seeing as a CFA will have been signed (including what looks to be costly costs for medical record requests and medicals)?. As if she rejects the AFE (due to cost) and cant\wont go forwards without it, could she be classed as stopping the case and in breach of the CFA?.
  13. In short, my child was involved in an accident on a bus when with the mother resulting in a moderate injury to the child. Mother decides to go and see a no win no fee solicitor to see what they think, for which they are willing to take the case on. A load of confusing paperwork has turned up including the Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). In short the CFA states what IS covered under the agreement is: claim for damages, any application for pre-action or non party disclosure, any appeal by opponent, any appeal against an interim order or an assessment of costs, any proceedings to enforce judgement, negotiations about and/or a court assessment of costs of claim. What IS NOT included is any counterclaim or any appeal the claimant makes against final judgement. Now I'm no expert on no win no fee issues, but it strikes me that nothing is mentioned in relation to any potential costs liable on the claimant (my partner on behalf of daughter) if either the solicitor pulls out in relation to defence costs. What happens if things proceed to court months down the road and the solicitor is unable to source a barrister also on a no win no fee basis leaving us to pay for as as of yet not mentioned after the event insurance policy that could cost us several hundreds to proceed or drop the case leaving the partner liable for all costs?. Any advice as I've told my partner to not sign the CFA yet until I can get clarification on potential unstated costs that could be unavoidable months down the road.
  14. Thanks DX, I know I've a bad habit of over thinking things etc. this isn't an active account any longer but a debt owned by a separate company awarded by the courts?. how would the balance owed to IND simply reduce after any PPI refund seeing as the account is assumingly still with welcome finance, yet the debt side sold to IND?. IND even after the PPI refund eventually gets awarded wouldn't simply reduce the amount on the say so of welcome finance as IND bought the debt as it was before any PPI and fee refund would be claimed?. So assuming if it goes via the FSCS as you feel, they, the FSCS would then want the debt and contact details for IND then?. Would sooner it go via myself as due to order of the court and to prevent any dispute I'd sooner deal with the payments directly as I want direct proof being liable for payments myself. Besides, what's to say welcome won't have a buyout clause or make claim to the FSCS as the account is still owned and technically active any request and refund goes to them than IND?. I still see more fun and games for quite a time yet Cruzhughes, going to read your thread in a bit.
  15. Seeing as it's an issue that's been to court and the sum has been awarded by the court then I just can't see how any PPI refund would simply just come off the amount owed seeing as the debt is now owned by another company not involved in the PPI claim?. As we have welcome finance the original creditor who late last year sold all interest in the claim to IND & IND the current claim owner who gained the CCJ for the total sum including PPI & fees!. I'm slightly concerned if welcome still have any account details they will simply adjust the amount claimed on their own account, despite having sold the account to IND, then ever pass on any PPI refund in a physical sense!. Obviously if welcome finance fail to comply with the PPI refund claim (which I have to try first) then I'll be going via the FSCS, but like above how and where would any refund physicaly go as IND are nothing to do with it part of the PPI claim and welcome finance don't own the account or claim?. Cruzhughes, since your issue could mirror mine, have you found out what happened to the PPI refund and where it physicaly went?.
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