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  1. As in just wait and see what their next move is ?. Likely my preferred option as they have had no response from me yet & they have not even enquired to try and verify the person they are looking for is the correct person and present at the address.
  2. Ah, didn't recall that, thought it was more purchasing of some of their debts. Can't deny the debt doesn't exist in 1 form of another regadless. Does ind even exist as a company then I wander?. Anyway, makes unsure on how to proceed & respond now and how likely intrum are to really do much after this long if they really do have an enforceable ccj?.
  3. Not to sure on how seriously to take the letters or how to respond. As whilst both letters at the top make mention to IND ad the account owner, everything about these and past letters suggest intrum have likely simply bought the debt and they want to negotiate payments for it afresh despite saying they are now servicing the account. Yet they never did respond to detail what the issue was with the previous agreement that they had cancelled it, twice. In fact, intrum once sent a letter of offer for an early settlement for as little as £750 odd which suggests they might have bought the debt unknown it had already been to court judgement & order in place. Now if (and it is an if) intrum did buy this debt from IND, well can it not be argued from a legal point that as far as the court judgement is concerned the debt has been settled with them (IND) as they would have accepted payment to buy the debt?.
  4. Thanks for the reply, converted from image to pdf, so I hope this works. 2022-04 IND serviced by Intrum - no payment agreement.pdf
  5. I now wander if this now might be related to last year's connex letters I and several received?. As after hearing nothing from intrum for 2 1/2 years last month out of the blue I get 2 letters from them again over this threads issue. Since my last post in here and following previous advice, payments then stopped being accepted for some reason (barcode & account number not recognised I was told) and I was not negotiating anything with intrum and this no payments have been made is about 2 years. Moved house, contacted everyone re new address yet hear nothing from intrum despite also having been on the electrol roll constantly. So 2 letters received, neither of which yet responded to or identity confirmed as the correct person, the first going over their very first letter from early 2019, saying the account is now being "serviced" by them and again inviting me to agree to a payment plan with them, didn't respond. Second letter received last week & unsure on how to respond. The letter is more ramping up with a threat to carry out a number of legal options. They say about IND may have taken legal action against me & saying how they are now serving the account on behalf on IND. They repeat about there being no payment plan in place and finished it with them or things will be subject to a review for further action. They also refer to if legal proceedings have been issued previously they might look at continuing with that and if IND have previously obtained judgement then they (intrum) by a number of mentioned methods look to enforce it by a number of methods including: Attachment of earnings Warrant of control Charging order Order for questioning Third party debt order. Not to sure on how seriously to take this. As if intrum have bought the debt then can they use the old ind judgement at all?
  6. Still don't know DX as nothing is detailed either "client" or date of alleged debt. Even the call to connex last week they wouldn't say anything on who the client is or the age of the alleged debt, nothing at all. So at this point nothing is proved, verified or confirmed over the alleged debt which is suspicions in itself for me. The address they did disclose I've had no connection to for over 20 years, surely they can't be that stupid or think I am to simply accept a debt that would have to be at least 13 years statute barred. Slight update: I even received an email from global debt recovery saying my email details had been passed on by connex as they had received a phone call from a\the alleged person the letter was sent to so they are breaching data protection and or personal & confidential information at the very least. The email contact being of a different person and name the per was sent to. They are pretty much demanding I identify myself by sending them a copy of my tenancy agreement, for which like hell am I sending them anything. The email was and will not be replied to, but just giving notice if you contact connex by email they will pass that info on as a point of contact and ask you for personal information for you to prove who you are. What a pile of jokers!.
  7. Still don't know DX as nothing is detailed either "client" or date of alleged debt. Even the call to connex last week they wouldn't say anything on who the client is or the age of the alleged debt, nothing at all. So at this point nothing is proved, verified or confirmed over the alleged debt which is suspicions in itself for me. The address they did disclose I've had no connection to for over 20 years, surely they can't be that stupid or think I am to simply accept a debt that would have to be at least 13 years statute barred.
  8. Letter received from global debt recovery despite connex accepting the claim the person they were looking for is not living at the address and saying they would then remove our address from their file and look elsewhere. This was an actual lie from connex (no surprise there) and despite connex then being unable to verify either the person or the address they have to be correct has then sent a letter out under the global debt recovery letter making a demand for monies and to call them to discuss the debt without detailing any details of the client or verifying both the person or the debt. These letters will now all be ignored as I'm not getting into any discussion with this pond life.
  9. Lol, rather than send to their office or p.o. box office address maybe people are better searching "Allen Process Solutions LTD" where the exact same and confirmed people look to have registered their company correspondence address to their personal home address, oh dear . Yeah, my mistake was to phone them before any info posted. Their mistake was to register a proven connection to their residential address. And where I to get ANY correspondence from either Connex or Global Debt Whatever over an assumed (by default due to lack of time) debt that's would if genuine be over 20 years old, well won't be me getting worried!!!
  10. For me the point is, the connection to an address is unproven and denied by effectively 2 different people. In the absence of evidence to the country they have nothing to prove a connection to the address the letterhead sent to. They were emailed and called and on both occasions were told they have the wrong address and that person does not live at that address. If they continue to send letters either by connex or the debt company global debt whatever then this is harassment. And from a data protection point of view they can't disclose anything via mail to the same address or make a demand as the connection and right address is unproven and accepted via email and phone call to be the wrong address. So I don't see where they can go with this aside from seemingly feeling they can chase an assumed alleged debt from over 20 years ago. If they do start to harass & hound, well they have their personal home address ( by the looks of it) registered as the postal address their correspondence address for 1 of their other companies . They must be scraping the bottom of the empty slimey barrel of the debt world to cover the running costs of that very expensive Surrey home.
  11. Right, as per other thread I can also confirm this Connex company relates to or more IS a debt chasing company, Global Debt Recovery (or whatever it what they said they were called). Clearly between us we have quickly uncovered and worked out who they really are and what the connection is. However, as the Connex company handling the "trace" appears not to be registered as a company in itself or registered to handle data under the data protection act DPA (if that's required) then are they not in breach of miss handling private & confidential data since clearly Connex have this personal data for people. Ok, in my case I'll enlighten a little, the address they refer to after they could confirm some of the private and confidential information "in connection with an address" was an address that there has been no connection to for well over 20 years. So in that respect their initial enquiries are quite comical as they are I assume chasing what would be an alleged debt from well over 20 years ago. Now back to data protection etc, my second, and likely last email to them I clearly stated I can confirm the person they are looking for is not at the address the letter is addressed to and can't confirm the person they are looking for is definitely the person in the letter. They state they will take our address off their file and look elsewhere. Then they get the call today where it's confirmed who the person is but stated they do not live at the address in the letter despite them asking again. Yet refused to be transferred to the debt company after stating who the "client" was simply being told no debt exists so have no intention of communication with this debt company. From a data protection point of view, can they still send letters out against what I said to the address in the letter even after connex stated they would remove it from their file?. Not overly bothered, as clearly they are chasing what is seemingly a historic 20+ year alleged debt, but more from a data protection point of view where both by email it's been stated and accepted the address the letter had been sent to is not that of the person they are looking for and also the same in the phone call. In other words, the current address for the person they are looking for is unproven.
  12. Yes, I can also confirm them as debt collectors. Clearly operating under a satellite company that's neither registered or directly connected to any debt collection company until now. Their stupid mistake is that the trail from Peter Joseph Allen that I posted the weekend that linked to another company that also links to I assume his wife in a maiden name to appears to directly register the other company Allen Process Solutions to their residential address, a home worth well over £1 million. Oh dear, imagine people searching the registered address for that company and people that now appear to be trying to chase people for likely non existent or enforceable debts!.
  13. Hmm, interesting you notice when just trying to Google "connex" nothing on this site now returns a result. However googling "connex tracing" does still return the result. Maybe some kind of search algorithm?. Doubt it would do any harm as said for all recipients who read these threads, even if recipients who have not posted, to contact them via email or withheld phone to enquire as we won't know for sure otherwise. I'm intending to try during the week, still got that gut feeling though. But as DX feels otherwise it's not giving much away to make some contact as he may well be right. I'll update if I hear anything else back.
  14. If this could, as DX suggests, be inheritance related it might be of interest to point out that I've asked my siblings and none of them have received such a letter. So if it is, it's likely not via a direct next of kin issue as if so I'd assume they to would have been contacted?.
  15. In my case they are asking for the person named in the letter in relation to connection with a previous address which the letter doesn't fully state. In this thread owners case they are asking for the person via their maiden name about information on someone else. So kind of different lines of enquiry in a way but does appear it could all be historic matters.
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