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  1. Ah I see, thanks for the explanation. I'm on Carers Allowance and joint ESA. I shall have to be prudent with my music investment.
  2. Yes, it is all about offering services. I play a few instruments, so I could offer to record a guitar track for somebody. I would post the offer along with fees, as an example - £5 to record 3 minutes of guitar on your song. Then Additional bonus buys like - £10 to master your track, £5 to add solo etc. I would then send them the files like .wav or .mp3.
  3. I've been composing music at home as a hobby I've bought a few 'gigs' on fiverr.com off musicians to play on my tracks. I want to continue buying these gigs, but I don't have enough spare money I am thinking that I could start selling gigs myself and use the money I receive to buy these gigs. I am however receiving benefits, would this be legal? I wouldn't be making profit, and it would all be done on paypal. Help appreciated.
  4. Well what can I say... They sent me an email this morning in response to the letter... Good morning Martin I have received your letter at Head Office and have looked into yours and Sarah's case. After investigation i have cancelled down both memberships and cleared any arrears Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused Healthy Regards Esther Head Office Enquiries I thought that would be the first stage of many, but no, all cleared. Thanks to you guys for replying so readily and helping us save £60. I have left a small donation as a token of our thanks.
  5. It was from Xercise4less. Thank you for this, I have to say this is an excellent forum, I really appreciate the replies and this letter. I will be sure to send it off tomorrow and keep you informed as and when I get a response.
  6. In July of this year me and my partner felt we would like to switch to a new gym which was much better suited to our needs, from our then current gym Xercise4less. We know that when you cancel a membership there tends to be a contract to honour or a notice to fulfill, so we decided that we would not make the switch until payments had been sorted with Xercise4less. Money is tight and we are frugal, so we would not have two memberships running at the same time. We went in to our local branch in St Helens and spoke to a young man on reception, who's etiquette left a lot to be decided, distracted by mates and such. To be fair to him they seemed short staffed. However, he categorically told us that as we had only signed a 12 month contract and had been there for 18 months, so we were free to cancel our membership and there was no notice or fee or anything. He took down our names and looked on the system and told us that as the cancellation would take a few minutes, he would go through it on the computer and we were free to go home. We were a little surprised it was that easy, but he categorically told us the above facts so we had been given the green light to sign up with the new gym. We cancelled our direct debits the next day to be on the safe side, because we had heard stories about Xercise4less (Harlands) continuing to take payments. So we have been at our new gym ever since, when out of the blue this morning, we both received texts telling us "You cancelled your direct debit, so your account has gone in to default". I enquired on the phone number given on the msg, and the agent told me that I was supposed to give them a months notice, so that Harlands could take a final payment of £9.99. As the DD was cancelled, I have incurred a £20 admin fee since. So I owe them £29.99. I explained that their Xercise4less colleague had wrongly informed us of the terms, and had we known, we would have absolutely not joined the new gym till a month later. He agreed and put a notice on my account that I was wrongly informed and told me there was nothing he could do, but I needed to speak to the general manager of the St Helens branch to see if they could reason with me. I rang up the branch and the man on the phone told me they had no general manager until October. I have to say the phone call was quite blunt and the staff in that gym are generally not the most professional people. Not sure what to do next then. I have to admit I hate these situations, I am not a confrontational type, I am very shy and I went in to the gym today for answers, but when I saw there was no staff on reception I bottled it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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