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  1. The police said they could arrest her for theft if she doesn't go in, and hopefully they will have to accept £20 a month honestly the perfect homes man wanted blood out of her had debt collectors and police here all day the policeman wasn't happy doing it and agreed they are terrible taking advantage of people
  2. she never said it was sold she said she broke it when we broke up loading it into the car, the police called perfect homes when he was here the man from perfect homes wanted her arrested tonight, lucky the police man was on my side saying they are loan sharks and shouldn't be allowed to trade, I even offered to pay the £1500 which was the cash price of the tv which they want £4000 for shes got to go in on Saturday I am not having any part in this so she has to pay it on her own realistically she can afford £20 a month hope they accept this. Shes also trying to go bankrupt so now my question is would that mean perfect homes don't get anything??
  3. Police said she has to go in on Saturday and come to an arrangement for payment or she will be arrested for theft
  4. The police have just called stupid girlfriend had phone on silent just waiting for them to call back now
  5. Thank you Dx They said it's because the tv isn't here no more she said it was sent off for repair now and they want to see proof or get the tv back. I called the police they said he can come to my door if he's wanting payment for the tv I said I don't want him here and he's waiting at my door she said tell him to go and get your partner to call head office
  6. Need help please urgent Perfect homes man has found my partner at our new address don't know how. He's looking for the tv which isn't here He said the police are going to the store today at 5pm and will pay us a visit. She will be charged with fraud and deception or theft apparently. Please could someone give me some advice
  7. My partner got a tv from PH she sold it on eBay shortly afterwards and made 2 payments then messed them around. They came to my house when we were moving out she hid I said she wasn't in he came back afew days later and said he would take the tv not knowing what to say I said the tv wasn't there I didn't know where it was and we had broken up and I was moving out so he wasn't going in the property until i had moved out. He then said he was getting the police I said okay and locked up and drove off he then waited 5 mins and drove away to. The next day we were properly moving out and not wanting them sniffing around I told my partner to call and say she was going to pay she did and arranged for them to come the next morning to see the tv �� My partner is not very intelligent. I called back and said they weren't coming in while I was living there and I was going to lock her out tonight and put her up in a hotel he said they would have to take it to the next level but for data protection he couldn't tell me what it was. I said that's fine. My partner had another tv with BH when she lived down south when she moved up north they never contacted her again so she figured when we moved PH would be the same. I do not condone my partners actions at all and don't know why she did it I just want an easy life now I'm just waiting for a knock at my new property. But looking at their apr they should be closed down they are loan sharks. I also know that my partner could be in a lot of trouble for getting the tv and selling it when it's not hers to sell. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?451882-Perfect-homes-met-their-match
  8. Thank you I just worry because I'm not used to this, my father always taught me to never be overdrawn and to always pay my bills having people wanting to come into my home is worrying. You have put my mind at rest. After seeing how much PH charge they are taking advantage of the poor really so I don't care about them at all. I feel sorry for people who are in that position where they feel they need to use them to get credit.
  9. I agree she had police fines, council bills and other government bills which she is paying but these other ones just send letters daily. Just with perfect homes coming round and saying they are going to contact the police and take it to the next level I wasn't sure if there was something for me to really worry about.
  10. Her ex was beating her so I moved her 185miles to get away from him her house was repossessed and the short fall was £20000, she also has credit cards bank charges phone debts water debts you name it she owes it approximately £40000. Because it's so much she doesn't care don't think she ever paid a bill before we met. I don't condone her debt or actions at all I was told by my parents to pay my bills which is what I do.
  11. We have moved now and they don't know our new address so hopefully I won't see them for awhile. My partner phones the debt numbers and they say she needs to go bankrupt however she doesn't have the money to so she keeps getting letters but unlike Me she doesn't care less.
  12. Thank you sorry I'm new on here, love the forum though. Very helpful My partner isn't making my life easier I know this because I'm the one who deals with the debt collectors at my door and has to constantly remind her to lock the front door which she always leaves open. I presumed it would be like a mobile phone company where they just pass it to debt recovery. But like I said it's no in my name I have nothing to do with it and wanted no part in it. Just curious as to what happens. He said he was calling the police and then drove off so I'm guessing that was to try to scare me. I got my TV on finance for a low interest rate and costs next to nothing and all paid up to date. My partner lived down south she got a TV from Brighthouse paid it until she moved to Newcastle then stopped and we haven't heard anything since think she was thinking the same thing would happen with perfect homes.
  13. Hello My partner has terribly bad credit approximately £40k in debt, letters daily and phone calls. I know this is wrong and I told her I wanted no part in it she decided to go to perfect homes and get a new TV, as their interest rates were so high and set to take advantage of people who already have no money or money troubles I didn't feel so bad even though I knew there wasn't a cat in hells chance she would keep paying for the TV. She paid for the first month then nothing. She sold the TV on eBay and wasted the money. Now we get a daily visit from a debt collector from perfect homes, we are in the process of moving out he came round, my partner hid and I told him we had broken up I don't know what she's doing and I'm moving out on my own. He said he will just take the TV back, I said it's not here she sold it, he said he wants to come in and look I said no way he said he was calling the police I said no problem locked the door and drove off in my car which was full ready to move home. When I came back about 20 mins later he had left. Not wanting a debt collector sniffing around I told my partner to call and tell them she will pay next week she did and they said they want to come and see the TV today she said she had it under the bed which it isn't. I called and said no debt collector is coming in my home when I'm living here and I was going to lock my partner out so she wouldn't be here in the morning. He said because of this he will have to take it to the next step but for data protection he couldn't tell me. I myself have perfect credit I have never paid a bill late I pay everything before they come and am in credit on everything. My partner however is the opposite. Has anyone been in this situation before ?
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