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  1. As above... One World Leasing, leading some refrigeration equipment. Company number 0XXXXXXX, National Debtline sent me to Financial Conduct Authority who confirmed they don't regulate them but couldn't help more and just said speak to CAB. I know they are little use in complex situations as had a meeting with them previously wig hall my files and they just told me to go bankrupt!
  2. It's a final CCJ 8/6/07 with One World Leasing. Property in sole name but with three other CCJs also. Considering selling next year but want to resolve these first if possible by borrowing money to offer full and final settlements on these and other unsecured debts (13 in total). Amount owed in total about. £150k so looking for some serious reductions in accepted offers or I will be paying £10 each until I die ! I also no longer have my own income as have little boy now so monies come from new husbands wage and they have no recourse of collection in him.
  3. Hi, I have a CCJ registered with a final charging order dated 8/6/07 on my property. The company appears to have been dissolved 7/11/09 from info online. I have never had any other payment plan in place with them or correspondence. How can I get this removed as I wish to sell the property in the near future? Thanks
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