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  1. can i send a subject access request to the solicitors as i dint even know whats been claimed in my name? how much should i pay if i send it off thankyou
  2. as above my car was hit bu the bus comany when parked outside of the house a local garage reccomended a claims company called direct accident management they have been dealing with the claim. they havent, from my view handled it very well. in december of 2014 the bus comany settled the claim and my cheque was cashed. direct accident management then left the car parked outside of my house for a furthar two weeks when i didnt use it. direct accident management then made a claim to the bus comany for the car hire. they instructed the solicitor not me, but they refer to the sol
  3. Unfortunately it was on the phone.
  4. My vehicle was involved in an accident with public transport the incident was settled but Stagecoach are disputing payment for the hire vehicle, which the insurance company Direct Accident Management let me keep for three weeks after the settlement. Now it is going to court and I've been told I've got to attend. The solicitors Armstrong have a statement and told me hopefully it will be settled before the court date and therefore I would not have to attend . I have received another letter telling me when I'll be collected, the date and time. I am assure
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