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  1. No he doesn't know about them at all ... I know its crazy but I don't want him to know if possible but at least now Im not contemplating all manner of things in order to try and get out of this. I am just trying to decide the best way now to have them from hanging round my neck - plus Iv also been ignoring my own. And one of thems now trying for a ccj. Got the papers through a week or so ago but I know (well think) they have not followed procedure so Im fighting it.
  2. Im a little more collected today. He's offered to go and work a way for a few days to give me some space so Im still at home. I have lots to consider, Im much calmer on learning that Im not going to get into any serious trouble for what I have done and Im just doing lots of reading on how I can clear all of the mess up. Thanks for asking
  3. Thank you, mostly Im judging myself and how utterly stupid I have been
  4. Thanks I did that a good while ago when I decided I needed to stop paying in order to get out of the spiral ... We will probably go to my mums. He isn't going to like it but Ill have to deal with it. I was mostly worried about the fraud repercussions and losing my children.
  5. Just so were 100% clear they weren't joint applications some were solely in my name and others were solely in his, nope he has no knowledge of them at all he never does anything financial. But I cant stay with him anymore and the letters are going to start coming to him so hes about to find out. Im Nicki Thanks for helping me out The phone calls and letters have been on going for ever
  6. I will have to actually email and ask for details as Iv just buried my head in the sand for so so long over it all. I will have to adjust these once I have gathered all the information but heres a rough idea paydayuk uncle buck swift sterling x3 lending stream x4/5 the money shop x2 ferratum All were taken out between 2011 and 2014, where I have put x2/3/4/5 etc that's how many they let me have at any one time. Most I just stopped paying and ignored any letters. All were rolled over where possible and all were for anything between £150 - £800 Sorry I cant
  7. Thank you for changing the title. Just wanted to clarify I havnt left yet but desperately need to, he wasn't my ex when I did it. The money basically put the money from the overdraft back into the bank but I then got caught in the spiral of never having enough no matter how many cutbacks I made and having to take out more and more. Sorry Im an absolute mess right now.
  8. I don't know where to start, I have recently come to terms with the fact that my relationship is toxic. I have been with my mentally and sometimes physically abusive partner for almost 14 years and we have 3 children together. He doesn't cope well at all with anything and I do my best to take it all on. Some years ago the bank decided to withdraw his overdraft and we were left with zero money a few days after payday, with pretty much all the bills to pay and the rest of the month to actually live. We already had debt and I had nobody to turn to for a favour of borrowing money.
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