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  1. Thanks. I'll see what their reply is. Useful bit of information though.
  2. just started a claim for irresponsible lending with provident. I am sure that we rolled over loans by paying the last bit of existing loans and taking out further or bigger loans. Does the ruling mentioned in the thread about Ireland count in the UK?
  3. today received an email from Nothway still not admitting liability but agreeing to write off the outstanding loan amount of £1124.84 and offer £500 cheque as compensation. This is considerably less than the interest owing but I am happy to get a resolution out of them. It appears the Maltese FSA involvement forced the issue. This was easy enough to do online. The email address for northway as they no longer have anything to do with swift sterling (wink, wink) is Northway Financial if its of any use to anybody.
  4. they are not run by Northway financial anymore. Probably smoke and mirrors. I have talked to the FOS and they said contact them if the Matese fsa cant help but suggested they probably couldn't
  5. I have now lodged a complaint with the Malterse FSA who have acknowledged receipt of the complaint and say they will have a response within 3 months!! I will just have to wait
  6. what route did you take with swift sterling as I am getting nowhere. they do not respond to countless emails . I rang the FOS who suggested writing to their malta address which I have done today. what governing body did you threaten them with as the FOS were unsure if they had duristiction or if it was the Maltese FSA
  7. Ok thanks. I will ask for the SAR today. I have researched the VT process on other threads and not sure if I signed anything when the car was collected pretty sure I did but no comeback from the ompany on condition as it was mint and had been serviced. After getting the SAR what is my next step can I invoke the VT legislation ie not paying more than 50% retrospectively. could I offer them settlement taking all previous payments into account and giving them the difference up to 50%. what is my big stick is it trading standards or FOS or similar.
  8. i lost my job so could no longer afford the repayments. I contacted PCF who could not come to any arrangement with me regards a repayment plan I could stick to. the only option was for me to return the car. I did not contest this as I had no means to pay for it and as I had not paid half of the agreement I could not just hand it back I was still liable for the remaining balance. I offered to sell the car myself knowing I would get nearly the amount owing but PCF would not let me do that as It was not mine to sell. they sent it to auction and got abo
  9. just rang them. they claim that at the time they had a policy that if you did not have a deposit to put down then they had a seperate agreement to lend you the deposit!!! When i asked him why they didnt just lend me the full amount he said it was an internal thing to do with were the money came from within the company. He stated theyno longer operate this and he confirmed it was nothing to do with PPI or warranties. All sounds a bit fishy to me but definitely 2 seperate agreeement numbers for the same car.
  10. Thats my point. It is a few years ago now but as far as I remember they told me i could not get accepted for the whole amount so they financed it by two seperate agreements.
  11. I will check the agreements but I thought both were to finance the car. I am not aware of any PPI or warranties
  12. I handed a car back to PCF after about a year of ownership due to job loss. I asked them if i could sell the car to pay off the remaining balance but they refused. they then sold the car for a poultry amount leaving a large amount remaing on the account. I have been paying the debt back £10 per month which is not really touching the balance on the 2 loans. one is at about 5500 the other at 1200. is the fact they gave me 2 loans to finance the car an issue I can tackle them about? It seems from other threads they may have only done this to get around affordability issues?
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