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  1. Hi all Wondering if anybody has had any dealings with 'Private Parking Appeals Limited' I bumped into them via Parking Cowboys when intially researching my response to a PCN/NTK (as explained in my thread 'Owner/Driver left the site'). I 'knee jerked' somewhat and paid £18 to them to take the appeal process on as promised on their website and make the whole thing 'go away' That was on 22nd Aug. I've not had any response. Even after sending several emails inc via their website and a couple of phone calls to the message service. Are they legit?.... or more [problematic] on the make? Cheers
  2. Many thanks to all who have so far responded to my thread. It would seem that calling their bluff and ignoring the threat of debt collectors, court etc is the thrust of forum advice. I have to say it chimes with my gut feeling on the matter, with the evidence UKPC seem to have...or don't have! Will post any further developments. Once again thanks to you all.
  3. Hi. I am very new to all this so I hope I manage the posting process properly. Apologies if not. I couldn't find a thread that followed my variation of this matter so again, apologies if I'm asking Q's that have already been answered. The story thus far: A young relative of mine has use of a car that I am registered keeper of. He picked up a UKPC ticket on 23 June 2015 in a retail park in Leeds, their contention being 'Vehicle owner/driver left the site'. I have so far received 3 letters: 23 July 05-Initial notice to keeper. £100 (up from £65) 7 Aug 05-Final reminder. £100 25 Aug-Debt Recovery Plus. £160 I am expecting more as I'm afraid due to holiday, work & a bit of a 'head in the sand' approach, I have ignored them all. I have checked the available photographic evidence on the UKPC website and can see several pictures of the car with the ticket stuck to windscreen and of the info sign but none that show the ' Vehicle owner/driver left the site'. There is also no mention of CCTV evidence on the letters or that I can see on the website. Should I engage with this process and ask to see their proof, wait for the court summons or carrying on ignoring them? Any advice/experience would gratefully received. Thank you in advance for your time and expertise.
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