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  1. Thank you for you reply. I was not given right of appeal in the ' Charge certificate' or did you mean I will get appeal right at a later stage. If I contact the council now and explain, will it jeopardise my case, I remember reading somewhere that one should not contact the council once the 'charge certificate' is issued. Once more, thanks for your help.
  2. Hello to all, its my first time here I received a PCN by post dated 3 August from Redbridge Council. (Entering box junction, Fotos were enclosed) I was give 14 days to pay £65 or £ 130 thereafter I posted appeal/reconsideration' on 15 August, 'Royal mail Signed for' it was received on 17 August. I did not hear or receive any correspondence until last week, 1 August , I received 'Charge Certificate' demanding £195. What options do I have? I will like to fight it, but I dont know the risks or procedure involved. Any advice or suggestion will be appreciated Zac
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