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  1. It depends what evidence you have of the winning.

    Did they confirm in writing that you had won 10000 a month for 12 months but it was a mistake?

    If so I think you can surely challenge this.

    Unless for some crazy reasons there's a law making an exemption to technical errors of gambling machine of which I've never heard.

    We're not talking a few quid here, so an enquiry to a solicitor on a conditional fee basis is your best bet.

    I would even be happy to offer 10% to a winning solicitor if I were you.

    Whatever you do yourself would probably be ignored or fought by their ruthless legal team, so I wouldn't waste time and stamps trying to negotiate.

    Good luck


    everything was verbal and on the phone , I have nothing in writing , I was uk based and this year mecca have updated there terms and conditions and now using ibas and have a different complaint process , I would happily give a percentage of settlement if I could win this case , alone I don't think I can .thank you for all your responses , don't know how to take this forward

  2. late last year I won on the wheel of fortune in the life of leisure game at mecca bingo.com it came up congratulations you have won £10.000 a month for 12 months and your first instalment has been paid into your account !

    I was gob smacked and thought I was seeing things , but there in my account was £10,000.


    I rang mecca bingo to see how my other payments would be made , immediately the game was removed from the site and they were confused by what I was telling them as they stated "they do not pay prizes in instalments".


    after several phone calls , they even asked me what I wanted to resolve ? I obviously said my £110,000 and they had to speak with the game makers Ash Gaming who are American based I believe and who it seemed had given Mecca a version of the game with this instalment prize , after a few days of phone calls they came back stating technical error and added another £1000 to my account for the inconvenience and phone calls,


    I explained I was not happy with their response and was referred to alder hay gaming commission who just sent me an email saying I was lucky to get the £1000 as all they needed to pay me was the cost of my bet back as technical error ! I argued again this was not a technical error this was purely a part of the game Mecca had on their website.


    Due to financial problems , my gambling etc being a huge problem for my family I never took this any further or told anyone till recently and have been advised that I should have challenged Mecca bingo.com and Ash gaming as the game has never been put back on the site and clearly was not a technical error please can someone help and advise if and how I would go about challenging this , do I need a solicitor , I cannot really afford one unless had a good chance of getting the money I won .

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