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  1. Afternoon all, first post on here. Need some help really. Didn't pay council tax because I'm a 24 year old child. Didn't set up a payment plan with Birmingham city council quick enough, so went to equita, did set up a plan with them which I thought was by direct debit. Apparently not, as I didn't pay them 7 days ago they've sent a bailiff out to my house today who put a notice after taking control of goods on my car. However this car is on finance, the reg they've written is wrong and on all correspondence they've called me Lexxx my names Lxxx. Anyway, have tried calling bailiff multiple times to let them know that where I rent is rented fully furnished and that the car is on finance so they don't turn up again tomorrow and try and charge me for them and their tow truck. Which I'm guessing they will %100 do. I've rang 5 times,eft a voicemail asking them to call me back and have sent a text informing them. If they do bring a truck tomorrow would they still be able to charge me for it? What do I do and how do I go about getting them to set up a reasonable repayment plan? My original debt was £668.94 Today they added on a compliance stage fee: £75 and an enforcement stage fee: £225
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