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  1. Thanks you everyone for your help. Everyones off to bed now an I will inform you all of how it went in the morning. I told my girlfriends mother under no circumstance to let anyone into the property so all should be well. Again thank you all ever so much for your help.
  2. Again thank you so much! What about in regards to goods being removed from the house that are not the mothers? Is this fact ignored without a valid inventory list?
  3. Thank for your help so far! once he realised he could not take the car he was trying to gain access to the house to "write down a list of posessions" or something along those lines which I believe is called a levy? The man has not stepped a foot inside the property yet. Can my girlfriends mother just flat out tell the guy he can't come in and to leave? And what if the man possesses a court warrant [is this a thing?] to gain access to the property? I'm not quite sure how these things work so sorry for any kind of silly questions just trying to cover all bases so she doesn't get shafted tomorrow. Thank you!!
  4. I think arrangements were attempted to be made she said that she had spoken to the council[?] on the phone Tuesday and now all of this all of a sudden out the blue [besides the letter]. She told the man on the doorstep she could upfront pay 250 as a start but he just said no. Apologies yet again for being vague it's not my current situation I'm help trying to help as a bystander
  5. As far as I know there has been a 7 day notice before bailiff turns up [which is about now] and also a Final Notice that was handed today when the bailiff was here. Apologies for not quite understanding some of the terms used. He is coming back at 7am with a removal van.
  6. My girlfriends mother is renting the property off her own brother [so the uncle]. I dont think there are any official invetory lists at all just a signed tenancy agreement
  7. Thank you very much! It started off at around 300 and now it's up to about 600-700ish with all the added fees and such.
  8. Hi everyone! Sorry for the slap dash post but I am currently in urgent need of help in regards to bailiffs. Today I was at my girlfriends house when a pretty big bloke knocks the door her mother goes and answers it expecting nothing. Turns out its a bailiff looking for money that is owed due to non payment of council tax [its something to do with when ny girlfriend went off to uni and they were still paying her mother tax credits and they wanted the payments back, something like that ]. hes there for ages and says hes going to clamp the car and he goes to get a big chain and one of those big wheel clamps and starts doing to the tyre in with it - the car is not in my girlfriends mother name and she's telling him this eventually after so long she finds the documents to show him and he unclamps the car. Then hes saying hes going to come in the house to do inventory and I tell her not to allow entry as he has no right to access the property which I am sure is true [was just rattling things off I'd heard to help against the bailiff]. however long goes by and he says he'll be back at 7am tomorrow with a removal van to start collecting things - the thing is is that the property is rented and also furnished [in the tenant agreement] if this is the case which it is does that mean that the bailiffs will not be able to remove anything from the property? Also what other things can be said to stop the bailiffs? She offered to pay £250 at the door because that's all she had and at least it was a start but the bailiff declined the offer. I've read things such as court warrants being needed to allow any access to the property/removal of goods and also a police officer has to be present but I am not sure how true these statements are? Long story short - Bailiff coming back tomorrow but house is rented with furniture, can bailiffs remove anything from the property - what/who does the bailiff need present to remove/gain access to the property? Any help I will be grateful for as this is not a situation I wish upon anybody!! All and any help appreciated! Thank you, Sloth.
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