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  1. Hi, Little update - I received a case number via text but no response as yet.
  2. Fantastic, hopefully they just listen to the phone call where the new contract was taken out and that resolves it.. how long do they store that information for?
  3. Do you mean source of payment to pay the contract monthly fee?
  4. I just meant I am happy to take that if I need to
  5. Fantastic, wow i cant believe how good this forum is... I am happy to take legal actions against the ex!
  6. Ok thank you, My only issue is, if he was a authorized user on the account was he permitted to take out a new contract in my name? As three certainly thought so!
  7. Hi, How will this be cleared up? sorry, you seem quite confident Thanks,
  8. Hi there, A confusing story to say the least. I was young and stupid and took out a contract for my ex partner... (obviously he defaulted it) but just before he defaulted it he took another out by ringing 3 customer services and because he was a authorized user he was allowed to get a new contact in MY name. Now until recently I had no idea about this new contract in his name, amazingly he was able to change the billing address to his own house so i never received any correspondence. Only now I have checked my credit report I can see this, and he has nicely registered 3 l
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