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  1. I have this one was yours a 50cc sports scooter?
  2. give amazon a deadline. if they don't refund you you can do a charge back, i do hope this is of some help
  3. tell them you are not complaining under the warranty but under the sales of goods act 1979
  4. you are usually covered by debit card under charge back rules, speak to the card provider to see if you can do a chargeback.
  5. ee usually are good, i have been with them around 2 years, good prices and service so fa. ee have defiantly miss old to you.
  6. if you have insurance they will cover this, you should not have a ccj. it is error by insurance company do not accept £100, a ccj can be life changing!
  7. they should replace no problem, agros are good with faulty products. if you have any issues you can contact head office. i had a printer 8 months old and they replaced. sounds like you've just been unlucky
  8. i would do a ccj search online. if they are not paying ccj's then it will be the same with you and you could waist your time going to court.
  9. sales of goods act should do it. you can find the ceo details online.
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