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  1. Hi guys sorry for the delay, here is what I used in my appeal. Firstly the signage. See photos attched of parking site. There are no signs on the outside or entrace to the car park thus it is not possible to consider whether or not to park in the car park because signs cannot be seen until you enter. Also the signage does not state anything about a minimum free period of 10 minutes. These signs are also illegal, as I have contacted Lambeth council and neither Lidl or Athena ANPR have planning permission to erect any signage (see attached) therefore no contract can be formed. This is fraud by misrepresentation. This has been reported to Action Fraud. Athena ANPR have failed to clarify whether the charge is for damages arising from breach of contract or a contractual charge. If this is a claim for damages, I require Athena ANPR to provide a full breakdown of genuine pre-estimates of loss to the landowner that this charge represents. Obviously, business running costs do not apply. I contend that the landowner and Athena ANPR have suffered no loss on an alleged overstay in a free car park. If this is issued as a contractual charge, I require Athena ANPR to provide proof that the charge is fair, reasonable and not punitive. I submit that Athena ANPR has not provided a mechanism on site if the driver wishes to stay for longer than 90 minutes, and it is an unfair attempt to make a party pay excessively for an event which would normally be 'breach of contract.' I contend that the £90 charge is punitive, and an unenforceable penalty. Finally, I require Athena ANPR to produce to POPLA the contemporaneous and unredacted contract between the landowner and Athena ANPR that authorises them to issue parking charge notices. I contend that there is no contract with the landowner that entitles Athena ANPR to levy these charges and to pursue these charges in their own name in the Courts, and Athena ANPR therefore has no authority to issue charge notices. I therefore respectfully request that my appeal is upheld and the charge dismissed. Hope this helps someone.
  2. Hi all, Today I received this. Thank you for submitting your parking charge Appeal to POPLA. * An Appeal has been opened with the reference 0562605579 * Athena ANPR Ltd have told us they do not wish to contest the Appeal. This means that your Appeal is successful and you do not need to pay the parking charge. * Yours sincerely * POPLA Team* Thank you to all for your help and expertise. It's another win for the Caggers!
  3. Hmm. Is it a must to deal with them. I was speaking to them for a while today and the lady whom I spoke to also asked her "supervisor" and the same was concurred. Can I just say to POPLA that I have reported it to action fraud? Will they ask for the ref number? Time is ticking. I think it's been 21 days since the rejection letter so I need to do this in the next couple Of days. Thanks again. I know you must get bored of all this.
  4. Spoken to action fraud. Pretty useless actually. They say it's not a fraudulent matter but a civil matter and they cannot help. I raised all points as previously stated. They say I should contact citizens advice.
  5. This last bit lost me. So I'm going to ring action fraud. Will they give me a log number in which I will put to POPLA? Also you say about they only have to apply for PP to get the nod. Which they have done but it's not due to be decided on until November..
  6. I looked into actionfraud. Looks like the type of claim I am making is not covered under their reporting policy. So instead to go to the police and log it? What do you think. I haven't spoken to actionfraud. Just read on their website.
  7. From lambeth council: Thank you for your email to the Lambeth planning department. Application 12/02497/ADV for 222-224 Streatham High Road was decided and refused in 2012 for display of two non-illuminated freestanding billboards lond the south-west boundary of the site, however, we have a current application 15/04938/ADV which is due for a decision on the 10th of November. If you need any further assistance, please contact us on 0207 926 1180 or email planning@lambeth.gov.uk. Kind regards Christine Barnes Customer Services Officer Business & Customer Services Enabling Cluster London Borough of Lambeth email: CBarnes@lambeth.gov.uk website: http://www.lambeth.gov.uk
  8. Spoken to the council and there appears to be no planning permission for anything from Athena on the Lidl address. There is an application for 1 sign from Lidl themselves but it's does not state anything about a car park, but also this is pending anyway and a decision won't be made until November. So should I just solely go with that? Or add in the excess charge as well. Cheers again.
  9. Yea it was from the POPLA site. Thanks for that. Can anyone tell me based on what I have posted above in various documents what grounds I should EXACTLY be appealing on? Thank you. Time is ticking. I think I have 35 days from rejection is that right? Cheers.
  10. No I was reading on the POPLA site and it was saying do not copy and paste laws and long winded clauses from other sites. Instead write in own words why you are appealing. So the usual things I was going to use such as the charge is not proportionate and contracts with the land owners etc. Seems like I may not be able to. Based on what I have provided what do you think is the best way to attack this? Thanks again.
  11. Hi Eric thanks for the reply. Unfortunately they DID supply the POPLA code. It's on the bottom right hand corner error of the letter. I covered it in order to upload the documents. So I will now need to appeal through POPLA. Has anyone you know don't it through the new system that they have? Is there any particular angle I should try with the appeal? I'm not sure the old ways will work. Thanks again.
  12. [ATTACH=CONFIG]59612[/ATTACH]Sorry guys. I have re uploaded. Pics should be fine now. I also realised when I was scanning the letters in. The rejection letter was sent on the 17th Sept and deadline is 19th Sept. I probable didnt receive it until then. Does this matter?
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