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  1. Firstly, PLEASE DO NOT to post this on twitter (for good reason) L/lord (v. wealthy) sues Tenant (v. poor so LiP) for non-payment of rent and Tenant sues back (so there are two cases in court with two different case numbers) L/lord gets a money judgment against T but T applies to set aside (granted) T then makes a s.214 claim (for non-protection of deposit monies) where there can no dispute as to fact and evidence, asking the court to apply the law thus reducing the debt which T would then settle immediately. Guess what? The judge refused to apply the law. What he did instead was to
  2. Well Silverfox After all the hassle (bearing in mind it was only the tiniest of debts and they settled for £30 only on the basis that they remove the default and I have it in writing), I did take it to the Ombudsman. The O was useless. The O failed completely to understand what it was I was complaining about given that Talk Talk had by now marked the default as satisfied. I argued that TalkTalk had promised to remove the default in its entirety not just mark it as satisfied, but the O still failed to grasp my complaint. We went too and fro several times about it when ultimately, I had
  3. Just thought you all might like to know that despite TalkTalk coming in on the conversation and saying they've responded to me - well they did respond BUT THEY'VE NOT RESOLVED ANYTHING WHATSOEVER. THE LATE PAYMENTS ON MY CREDIT FILE WILL REMAIN FOR THE NEXT FIVE YEARS !!! DON'T PAY THEM. DON'T BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY SAY - EVER
  4. Honeybee - you've lumped both my queries together !! They're not related !!! Can you put it back please
  5. Where has this thread been moved to please as I can't find it
  6. An order was made for a debt I owe to a landlord but I applied to have it set aside while my counterclaim was considered. When my counterclaim is considered, it will reduce the debt by 50% making my debt £4k. I have been running around to see if I can raise this money before the next hearing because I don't want a CCJ. Meanwhile I just got a letter in wanting £5k in solicitors costs and counsel fees on top of the £3k for their previous legal fees. This has thrown me off my chair in shock - there's no way I can pay. I'm struggling already as a single pare
  7. Can someone please clarify exactly what Form I am supposed to complete for a section 214 claim against a landlord for non-protection of deposit monies. Is it N1 or N281? I obviously need to do it the cheapest way possible. I am also representing myself. Thank you.
  8. I have a feeling that although the MINT debt is over 6 years old, you may have inadvertently resurrected it by starting to make payments, even though you haven't made a payment for 18 months. If I am right then a new 6 year period will commence once a new default is registered - maybe a Clever Cagger will shed light on this point.
  9. Maybe, just maybe, another position will become available at another office with disabled access as you say. It sounds like you are doing all the right things in keeping your eyes out for something else. I wish you all the luck.
  10. Hello shortwoman So what would you like to happen with the job now ? My concern is that if you are on trial period, they may not want you to stay on as it is clearly not working out.
  11. Hello You say in your post that during your interview "I did comment that I had mobility problems and that the stairs would be a problem for me". My first thought is that perhaps you didn't relay the severity and extent of the problem clearly enough. Merely "commenting" on your mobility problem does not convey the true extent of the problem and, quite possibly as a result, the firm didn't appreciate how serious your mobility problem is. Did you not discuss what adjustments might be made before you started the job? If not, I have to ask, why not? It seems that you have accepted a job
  12. Hello You are right. Your 2007 debts are statute barred (they become statute barred when 6 years has elapsed). You're probably wrong about "opening a can of worms" if you now get on the electoral roll or get a bank account. If your debtors wanted to pursue you, I believe they would have done so by now and there are ways to find you even without a forwarding address. Even if old debts did surface, you could simply remind them that the debts are statute barred. Mortgage: You may say that you can afford a mortgage, but you have nothing personally to show that you can. You say
  13. Just remember that CAHMS do have a right to withhold certain information but you are right to question it. If it's just emails that you want, why not ask the recipient of the emails for their copy - don't give them too much information - just tentatively phone them up and ask them to send you a copy - if they ask why, you could say that you just want a copy for your records! They may just hand it over, nicely. Take care.
  14. I understand that you are your son's "biological" parents but do you have parental responsibility? If, as you say "the NHS gave us all their DATA" then why are you pursuing it with CAHMS? Write to them and ask them why they are withholding information and remind them they have to have a good reason for doing so. This is my suggestion. A very firmly written letter. You could call it a "Letter before Action" which might carry a little more weight. Good luck.
  15. Assuming that by "full parental capacity" you mean "full parental responsibility" - CAHMS are entitled to withhold certain information, usually information from third parties and information which may be detrimental to the child. For more information about this, go to ico.org.uk or NHSEngland if you haven't already done so. Making sure you do it in writing, (i) you could press CAHMS further for all the information they have about your child which you believe they have unreasonably withheld (give examples) (ii) remind them that they owe a duty of care to both the child and to you, as pa
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