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  1. Thank you for your advice and link. Giving a week's notice is not an issue at all. We will see what route we decide to take.
  2. Sorry, confused what is perfecty legal? 1- Terminating her contract and giving her a brand new one the next day whilst on porbation? 2- Telling her that she wasn't successful but would continue to employ her at 20K instead of 24k? 3- Extending her probation even though her contract doesn't allowe it? Personally I would rather employ a more motivated person, but the boss wants to keep her...
  3. Is it ok to extend a probation period, even though her original contract doesn't mention a possible extension?
  4. Hi, My company employed a receptionist in June and her contract said: "The Employee's salary is £20k per annum. Upon successful completion of probabtion period the employee's salary will be raised to £24k." Her probation period expires soon and we are not happy with her, but would continue to hire her on limited tasks. However we believe that she does not deserve her increased in salary of £24k. We are wondering how to hire her on a similar type of job, but not incerase her salary to £24k. One colleague mentioned firing her, and hiring her with another contract the next day. I think this is too "doddgy". I suggest explaining to her that we do not believe that she "succesfully" completed her probation period, however we would continue to hire her at £20k and would not increase her work load, as we originally planned. Any advice on how to to keep her and not increase her salary depsite her contract would be helpful. Thank you.
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