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  1. Their address is: Creation Consumer Finance Chadwick House Blenheim Court Solihull B91 2AA It is normal for them to not respond to letters. Make sure you send your post 1st class and keep your receipt. This way when they claim they have not received it, you have proof. This is not a normal company so do not expect normal customer service. They will bend and break the rules and will attempt to deceive you. Contact the FCA for more information on how to deal with them. Complain! If you don't they will not change.
  2. If they try to refuse your SAR just contact the Information Commissioners Office. They'll sort them real quick
  3. James Jones is Head of Consumer Affairs and here is a response to a letter sent to him: How can I dispute a default on my report? Dear James, Please advise me of the procedure to be followed by a lender issuing a default notice? Secondly, how can a default notice be disputed? ehboob, Leicester Dear Mehboob, A default notice is a communication a lender should send to a borrower before defaulting a credit agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act (CCA). It warns the borrower that: 1. a default will occur unless remedial action is taken within a specific period of time; and 2. a record of the default will be registered on the borrower’s credit report with one or more credit reference agencies. So the default notice isn’t registered on your credit report, but a record of the fact that your account has defaulted will be if you haven’t managed to bring the account back into order. Quite a few organisations that share customer information through the credit reference agencies are not covered by the CCA so don’t issue default notices at all. Mobile phone agreements are an example. Usually, though, you should still be told before a default is placed on your credit report and, if possible, given the opportunity to get your account back into order. It's important that the information on your credit report is accurate and up to date. If you disagree with information on your report – whether it has been registered as a default or any other status – you should raise a dispute with us. ...I'm only trying to help this guy out . I know that Creation is forced to remove defaults on a regular basis due to their practices.
  4. They do if they are defaulting you. Regular ratings will show if you make your payments on time and if not how late you have been. These can fluctuate. A default stays on your credit report for a specific amount of years. They first need to send you a letter and give you a period of time to make payment. If you fail to do so THEN they can default you. Creation will forego this and just default accounts on a regular basis.
  5. Actually getting a default removed with Creation is fairly easy. They will often default an account without following the proper procedures such as sending out the default letter etc. Do a SAR for the notes on their systems. keep in mind that they use at least 3 systems for finance agreements. Also, make sure you get a copy of the default letter sent. These guys do not play by the rules whatsoever so don't assume that they did with you. Follow it through. The Senior Manager for that department is .............. Trust me, their collections department is a mess and the turnover is extremely high.
  6. Creation often defaults accounts without issuing default letters. This is a practice put in place by the manager of their third party debt team called west midlands debt that is actually in office and not third party. The manager is Sean Shears. He personally will default accounts without sending out the letters. Ask them to provide you the notes from the account and then complain to the FCA.
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