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  1. yes mileage was put on the invoice along with date for labour cost. .....the wording for the parts and labour claim is as follows....this warranty is for customers who wish to make a claim for associated labour if they believe a part may have a genuine manufacturing defect by the manufacturer. then the cost of the defective part(s) together with the associated official trade labour rate and time (taken from sachs) will be refunded if however the manufacturer considers that the returned parts does not have a manufacturing defect then the claim will be rejected and the parts returned to you with
  2. ok but im only after what I originally forked out NOT for the replacement why would anyone want to risk another clutch failing another yr or so down the line....would u?.......this is my point. the original supplier would not give out a genuine part so would of had to put up with a poor quality item again.......I somehow don't think that's right......as stated had to make a quick decision as car was on garage ramp in bits investigating why it had no drive found clutch smashed.... so had to say repair it. so had no time to get in touch with them (anyone who has dealt with them will tell you its
  3. mmmmm I think we are missing the point here......I bought a clutch from them it failed within the warranty period basically im trying to get my money back for the clutch I bought from them and the original labour cost to have it fitted....im not trying to gain money from the new clutch or labour charge. just the original costs.....what I meant was I needed the car back on the road asap so opted for the genuine part and to not waste over 2 months without the car which is what it has taken for them to come to this decision.....it would of meant buying another clutch from themselves and chase th
  4. hi all im after some advice. I purchased a clutch kit for my mondeo from a company called nationwide clutch at blackpool their ebay username is techniclutch. now the clutch was supplied with a 4 year 40000 mile warranty. however it managed to complete just over 18000 miles in around 20 months before it broke up (the center plate) the concentric bearing also fell apart. not wanting to have a poor quality clutch put back in my car I purchased a genuine clutch kit as I needed the car on the road. I sent back all the parts asking for a full refund as
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