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  1. I can't clear the mould as I live in an old house with old ceilings plus I can't move the chest of drawers to even get into the corner if I could get up to the ceiling. I live alone so no one to help me either. I am not under a current fixed tenancy agreement, it went to rolling nearly 2 years ago. The breach has not been stated in detail just there is a breach. I have spoken to them and they are not interested in the empty properties stating the problem is mine. The only fix is they will get someone in to deal with the mould issue and I will be charged for it, I was told to e
  2. I have today received a letter from my letting agent after an routine inspection that was carried out last week. In this letter it states I am in breach of the tenancy agreement as there is mould on the bedroom ceiling. The letter states that notice to quit the property will be sent in another letter. Now my issue with this is that I only noticed it two days before the inspection. Its in a corner of the bedroom ceiling I can't get to and as I only use lamps in my room then that corner is always in shadows as there is a chest of drawers on that wall. When I informed the man who
  3. Just looking for a bit of advice. I received a letter on Saturday saying my health questionnaire needed to be completed by December 2nd. I didn't know what they were talking about as I hadn't received any questionnaire from them. I have spoken to someone today who said a questionnaire had been sent but they put a new one in the post and I am to return it as soon as possible. They did say that I would miss the deadline for Decemeber 2nd and that a decision maker would decide on whether not receiving the original form would be a good enough reason for submitting the replacement l
  4. Just looking for some advice. My father is my guarantor for my house which is rented privately through an agent. I claim full LHA due to first being unemployed and now claiming ESA due to a medical condition. The landlord through the agency want to increase my rent, no unreasonable since its been the same for 2 years. However the problem I have is that my father moved to France at the start of October with his new wife. He is therefore no longer a UK homeowner or in employment as he retired then as well. He still has a UK bank account that all his pensions are paid into a
  5. Hi everyone, A new week and a completely different problem but another battle with my Jobcentre. Last Friday I was signed off by my doctor for 4 weeks with anxiety. Things came to a head when I actually hid under the table in my living room because my advisor had called and was leaving me a message. The sound of their voice sent me into a complete panic, shaking, crying and nothing was calming me down. My doctor has signed me off as well as referring me for counselling and I have been perscribed anti-depressants. He made it clear it would be a couple of months before he would eve
  6. So my understanding of the regulations is if I say No then I am not entitled to any JSA despite it being a part time course
  7. Sorry for the quick double post but hoping to get an answer ASAP as time is of the essence here OK, so if I do fight this would I still be expected to attend on Monday? Can get a letter in the post either today or tomorrow and send it signed for but that depends on when they look at it. Thanks
  8. Finally managed to find a ES567SJP form online that I have printed off and started to complete. As I have MWA hanging over me, not sure how to answer some of the questions as not sure whether MWA counts as a job opportunity. Question 6 in part one asks - Are you willing and able to change the hours of your course so that they do not overlap with the hours you said you are available for work in your Jobseeker’s Agreement? Now if I answer yes to that will it be claimed I can do MWA and fit college around it? I have attached the form and the guidance they use. If anyone can
  9. OK, so if I do fight this would I still be expected to attend on Monday? Can get a letter in the post either today or tomorrow and send it signed for but that depends on when they look at it. Thanks
  10. The letter finally arrived today and has thrown up several issues. 1. Learndirects own inital letter to me said there would be a meeting arranged by phone. This was not done 2. The address on the letter does not match my address. It is a completely different street. Could I claim I had not recieved this letter or it had been delayed due to this. A way of buying myself a little extra time to get things worked out 3. There is no mention of travel expenses being paid as they needed to be prearranged at the meeting I did not have 4. The nature of what I am doing is co
  11. Many congratulations on the new job
  12. Sorry for the long wait between updates again. I am still waiting to hear from LearnDirect, I had signing on today and was asked what was happening. Said not heard anything for a while so I am expecting this now to be chased up. I think I confused last time with my questions. I have been told I need to fill in a ES567SJP to declare my course to the Job Centre, I can not get them to issue me with one but have found one online as long as the one published in 2011 is relevant. Does the form above need to be given to the Job Centre before I ask for a Mandatory Reconsideratio
  13. Thanks for the advice so far. Apologies for the delay in getting back, been sorting out the loan for me to do this course and it has sort of taken over. Another update and a few more questions. 1. I am still waiting for the letter regarding my placement. I have no contact details for LearnDirect apart from an address so I am at a loss as to what to do now. The jobcentre told me that it was down to LearnDirect now and out of their hands 2. I have been told that a form would need to be filled in to inform the jobcentre of my starting college, however I was told by my advisor
  14. Sorry just thought of one further question. It relates to MWA and what is deemed a good reason for missing a day. If I do have to do this, then I will be unable to do a day owing to seeing my father. While that in itself doesn't sound a good reason, then I wondered whether the fact he moved to France around 6 months ago and I have not seen him since and if I don't see him on this day then it will be next year at some point before I get another chance to see him again. Would this be reasonable or should I just tell my dad to forget seeing me as I won't be able to. Thanks fo
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